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Includes photos from National Bus Co and US Buslines.
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Veolia Transport NSW


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Also includes photos under the previous Connex and Southtrans names.
Includes photos taken up 30/6/2013 under the Veolia banner. Photos after that date are included in a new gallery which covers the combined Transdev/Veolia operation under the Transdev name.

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Veolia Transport Queensland

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m/o 2740691 viewsSydney Buses (2740) Mercedes O305/PMC Mark III at Hurstville Ritz
03CBL529 viewsCaboolture Bus Lines Mercedes-Benz OH1418 with Austral Denning 'Starliner' body.

m/o 020 549 viewsCanterbury Bus Lines ex UTA Leyland Leopard/PMC Mark 1. There were two Mark 1' s which carried these plates but because of the black window surrounds this would be the second one ex UTA 3744 which was previously m/o 7222. It went to Crossley Bus Lines but was then on loan to Canterbiry Bus Lines. The plates were seen on a Mark 2 29/11/1991 still with Canterbury.
m/o 5205156 viewsForest Coach Lines Volvo B58-61/Custom Coaches. Sold to Cumberland Coachlines Pty Ltd, St Marys as (3) m/o 5205 -/03 and rereg TV 5055 -/07.
m/o 2915168 viewsSydney Buses (2915) Mercedes O305 Mark IV/PMC at Circular Quay. Withdrawn January 2012.
MO 6609862 viewsOne of Premier Illawarra's new Volvo B7RLE's with CC CB50HCL bodywork photographed in Oak Flats. Since reregd 4750 MO.
m/o 018519 viewsCanterbury Bus Lines Hino RG197K/Custom Coaches "210" ex m/o 8990 which went to Punchbowl Bus Co as m/o 018.
TV 22772053 viewsCharterplus Denning ex Toronto Bus Service. It was withdrawn in August 2011. It was ex TV 989, ex TB 753.

Last additions - Bus Company Galleries
MTT Adelaide 116 Daimler CVG6 227-373 1959.jpg
227 37354 viewsMTT Adelaide (116) Daimler withdrawn 1960 sold to Transway as (11). Photo by the late Doug Colquhoun in 1959.Apr 18, 2017
?76 viewsVentura Bus Lines Scania L94/Northcoast with some Christmas decorations in December 2007.Apr 10, 2017
Ex Metro 251 Wilton NSW.jpg
?112 viewsScania K92CR/PMCSA ex (182) Bus Queensland, Toowoomba, ex (82) 182 IDN, Kynoch Coaches, Toowoomba, QLD, ex m/o 433, Busabout, West Hoxton, NSW, ex (251) GV 3071, Metropolitan Transport Trust, Hobart, TAS, as seen for sale on Gumtree March 2017.Mar 18, 2017
DRT & T - 2520 Rockdale.jpg
m/o 2520134 viewsDGT (2520) Leyland Royal Tiger/Comeng at Rockdale. Prototype single deck underfloor, which led to the purchase of similar Leyand and AEC units. Photo possibly from DRT &T. It became m/o 6136 with Ruttys, Wollongong.Oct 09, 2016
HJC 104130 viewsVentura Bus Lines (45) AEC Reliance 470/Piper. Photo from Geoff Mann.Apr 27, 2016
HDK 275135 viewsVentura Bus Lines (32) AEC Reliance 470/Piper. Photo from Geoff Mann.Apr 27, 2016
HGB 485149 viewsVentura Bus Lines (30) was an AEC Reliance 470 with a Piper Body. Photo from Geoff Mann.Apr 26, 2016
JPK 350146 viewsVentura Bus Lines (26) was an Albion Viking VK43L with a Freighter Body [ had a back to front gear box & didn't like hills, despite this photo showing it on the now 700 run going up the Holmesglen hill]. Photo from Geoff Mann.Apr 26, 2016