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Random files - Monthly Photos
TV 307569 viewsShire Coaches/Good Az Gold TV 307 MAN 22.280/Austral Tourmaster was photographed on the outskirts of Appin after picking up scouts from the Scout Jamboree at Cataract Scout Park.

m/o 9783281 viewsGreens Northern Coaches 1995 Csepel 854.03/PMCA "XL" at Helensburgh on Rail.
u/r399 viewsDriver Group Denning Manufacturing – Cummins/Denning Manufacturing Phoenix DD in Gray Line livery at the Bus Vic Expo at Mooney Valley,
TP 1898218 viewsPath Transit (1898) Mercedes Benz OC500LE CNG/ Volgren "CR228L" at Landsdale.

TV 7052189 viewsCity Sightseeing Sydney new (431) Anhui Ankai HFF6121GS-3/Anhui Ankai on its first day in service 10/5/2012, departing on it first tour.
108 GUQ389 viewsConnex Brisbane 108GUQ is a Volvo B7RLE/CC 'CB60' acquired with the purchase of National Bus Co. It became (307) with Veolia.
WJM 985704 viewsTorrens Transit 1346, one of only four non-wheelchair accessible MAN NL202's in the Adelaide Metro fleets.

BR66RX207 viewsBelrose Buslines Leyland Tiger/PMC ex Hunter Valley Buses ex Hunter Valey Buses Pty Ltd, Thornton 3565 MO 16/8/12 (withdrawn by 12/11); ex (121); ex Blue Ribbon Bus Co. Pty Ltd, Thornton; ex Blue Ribbon Holdings Pty Ltd, Thornton 2/02; ex (M22); ex DP49F; ex Hunter Valley Coaches (Fogg & Lewis), Maitland MO 5202 -/86, photographed at Millers Reserve, Brookvale, with ex STA Mk IV 2780 behind. Sold to KJ O'Toole t/a Ocean View Coaches, Cromer as TV 505 5/13; Withdrawn after an accident 10/13 & sent to scrap 24/10/13

Last additions - Monthly Photos
TV 33944 viewsA Sid Foggs Coach Design bodied Mercedes O.404-3 which was formerly used as part of the Australian Pacific Touring franchise as part of the Sid Fogg's fleet, on rail 31/12/2007.Apr 25, 2015
TV 14134 viewsThis is a Motorcoach integral from Sid Foggs on rail 31/12/2007.Apr 25, 2015
MO 89995 viewsPleasure Charter Tours MAN 16-240 with NCBC body operating rail replacement at Chatswood. Seen here turning on the Gore Hill Freeway and has just passed under the North Shore Line 31/12/2007.Apr 25, 2015
SB84AV5 viewsHopkinsons Volvo B12BLE/Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" . Became m/o 9296, then m/o 5329 which rego it retained when transferred to Transit Systems 13/10/2013 as (1284). Seen here turning on the Gore Hill Freeway about to pass under Reserve Road 31/12/2007.Apr 25, 2015
m/o 89346 viewsHawkesford's Pleasure Charter Buses m/o 8934 Mercedes O305G / PMC ex STA (2567) seen at Epping on an AM Optus staff charter, October 2007.Apr 25, 2015
TV 43836 viewsKingsford Smith Transport Volvo B58/PMCSA ex Adelaide seen on O'Riodan St October 2007.Apr 24, 2015
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m/o 6351 and m/o 883616 viewsNew and Old Transdev Buses L- Brand new 6351, Volvo B7RLE/Bustech 'VST' (Mk IV) and R- ex 692 m/o 8836, MAN SL202/PMC 'Metro 90' seen passing at Bankstown.Apr 24, 2015
6351 m_o 6351 3.jpg
m/o 635120 viewsBrand new Transdev NSW Sth Volvo B7RLE/Bustech 'VST' (Mk IV) on one of its early days in service 23/2/15.Apr 24, 2015