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Random files - Monthly Photos
m/o 8836156 viewsVeolia Transport (692) MAN SL202/PMC Metro 90 ex Transit First (Demerton Pty Ltd), Bankstown (71) m/o 8836 1/2/07; ex Baxter's Bus Lines (Holroyd Bus Lines Pty Ltd), Villawood (49) m/o 8836 1/1/05; ex m/o 816; ex STA (3568) m/o 8429 - leased to BUS2000 3/01; ex Parramatta Ryde Bus Service (Riverside Bus & Coach Services Pty Ltd), Ermington m/o 8429, at Liverpool Interchange in December 2007.
2992 MO373 viewsAustralian Luxury Travel have purchased two MAN 16.240s from Northern Rivers Buslines (one for parts). 2992 MO with PMC 160 body was photographed at Strathfield on rail replacement two days before being renumbered TV 5323. It is ex Northern Rivers Buslines (Buslines Group Pty Ltd), Lismore (2) 2992 MO; ex MO 1470; ex (237).
5627 3-7.jpg
TV 5627880 viewsCharterplus Volvo B12BLE/Bustech 'VST', ex m/o 9440 7/08-ex Dural (128) 5/08-ex m/o 8964 Charterbus Direct/Harris Park Transport, which has now lost its Optus signwriting for the Macquarie Park Shuttle. It has since been reported to be AOA for Woolworths. Also noticed that the skirt is no longer the VST skirt shown in earlier photos.
WJP 897118 viewsTorrens Transit (1943) MAN SG280H/PMCA having returned to service a few month after its accident on the OBahn, seen at the 541/J3/N3 terminus on 19/1/07.
SB95EK701 viewsTorrens Transit (Admet) (1528) Scania K230UB/CC. Desto is blank as photo was used in Where Is It section of the discussion board.
Vagabond Spirit101 viewsVagabond Cruises ferry in Circular Quay 15/2/2018.
TP 109074 viewsPath Transit Renault PR100.2/ Volgren-Porter is later seen on Peet Rd, Roleystone doing a 223 to Roleystone.
TV 5116538 viewsBankstown Coaches - Bass Hill Austral Tourmaster rebuild ex Coffs Coast Transit (Natjas Pty Ltd) TV 5116 2/4/09; ex All Aussie Tours (RK Willetts), Bankstown & Richmond TV 251; ex G Andretic t/a Trip About Tours, St Marys TV 251; ex Greyhound Pioneer (495) 031 ESA. Seen on the Bankstown Coaches Tour at Bass Hill Plaza 3/7/2011.

Last additions - Monthly Photos
6072AO211 viewsVentura Bus Lines, Monbulk (1113) Scania K94IB/Volgren at the Shrine on a school charter 13th April 2016.Apr 05, 2018
1509AO173 viewsMcHarry’s Bus Lines, Geelong (9) MAN 18.310/Coach Design at the Shrine on a school charter 15th April 2016.Apr 05, 2018
BS00DJ147 viewsGrandcity Tours Fuso Rosa on the Monsh Freeway 29th February 2016.Apr 04, 2018
1564AC155 viewsWalters Group, Euroa MAN 18.360/Coach Concepts near Nagambie on a charter 19th March 2016.Apr 04, 2018
4456AO182 viewsVentura Bus Lines, Dandenong (456) Volvo B10M/Volgren at Box Hill on metro emergency rail 8th April 2016.Apr 03, 2018
1784AO156 viewsHarley’s Bus Lines, Korumburra Mitsubishi Rosa/MMC at the Queen Victoria Markets 13th April 2016.Apr 03, 2018
1058AO171 viewsDriver Coaches (58) Denning Landseer – GM ex ESJ 158 Melbourne - Brighton Bus Lines/Melbright Coaches, Elwood, heading for MSAC 24 June 2011. Apr 02, 2018
1227AO154 viewsMoorabbin Transit/Grenda (606) Volvo B7R/Autobus ex Nuline Charter at MSAC at MSAC 24 June 2011. Has retained fleet number and rego with Ventura.Apr 02, 2018