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October 2004


Contains many older photos supplied by Colin Davison amongst others

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September 2004


Covers Canberra and the Snowy Mountains.

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February 2004


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January 2004


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December 2003


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November 2003


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Random files - Monthly Photos
XKY 28587 viewsTorrens Transit (1227) Scania L94UB/Custom Coaches CB60A running Special through Mawson Interchange January 2007.
TV 7730149 viewsAustralia Wide Coaches (124) Bustech CDi - Cummins ISL in Grayline livery for the Blue Mountains Day Tour, at Katoomba 5/5/2016. Possibly only Bustech CDi to be done as a touring coach.
TV 3719565 viewsHawkesford’s with its new name Sydney Luxury Coaches, is (56)TV 3719 Volvo B12B/Autobus captured 10/2/2010 @ The National Gallery in Canberra.
BCI Hybrid Low Floor at Melbourne Bus Link572 viewsMelbourne Bus Link have a BCI Hybrid Low Floor at on loan.
It has not been used on route service, and we'll most likely not get used in route service.
Lineup365 viewsA lineup of four Busways buses at Macksville depot 7/2011.
MO 5625447 viewsNew for Murton's Broken Hill is this Mercedes O815D with Custom Coaches CB20 body, seen leaving the Murton Depot. It was reregd 4045 MO and then sold to Hawkesbury Valley Bus & Coach where it became one of the first buses in the new TNSW livery.

TP 2145150 viewsTransdev (2145) Volvo B7RLE / Volgren CR228L Cat in Perth.
6194 MO86 viewsEdwards, Armidale Bonluck Citystar operating on A Day on the Greens 21/11/2015. Seen heading north on Marsh St towards the Tourist Information Centre as part of the "South" run. Photo from Randommann.

Last additions - Monthly Photos
2632AO13 viewsVentura Bus Lines, Oakleigh (1181) Scania L94UB (Ethanol)/Custom Coaches at the depot 8th June 2016,Jan 18, 2018
1507AC9 viewsAulia Coach, Melbourne Toyota Coaster HZB50R on the Monash Freeway 4th April 2016.Jan 18, 2018
8453AO13 viewsKingstons Tours, Dandenong (91) Volvo B7R/Marcopolo on the Monash Freeway 16th May 2016.Jan 17, 2018
2703AC15 viewsGLV Coaches Scania K93CR/PMCA on the Monash Freeway 31st May 2016.Jan 16, 2018
BS01ZO20 viewsNuline Charter, Moorabbin (13) Volvo B7R/Volgren at MSAC on a school charter 15th June 2016.Jan 15, 2018
8470AO17 viewsVentura Bus Bus Lines, Hastings (671) Volvo B7R/Volgren at the Shrine on a school charter 15th June 2016.Jan 14, 2018
9165AO19 viewsVentura Bus Lines, Hastings (698) Volvo B7R/Volgren at the Shrine on a school charter 15th June 2016.Jan 13, 2018
7743AO27 viewsAlpine Spirit High Country Coaches, Myrtleford Volvo B12B 13.5m/Coach Concepts ex (41) 7690AO, ex (41) SB75CD (SA), ex (41) 2075AO Nuline Charter/Bayside Coaches, Moorabbin, Victoria; ex 2075AO Cullens Bus Lines, Wangaratta, Victoria, on Moorabbin Station to Brighton Beach Station rail express run during the first week in January 2018.Jan 12, 2018