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Random files - Ben O's Gallery
m/o 71261150 viewsWestbus Mercedes-Benz OH1418/Custom Coaches '510' at South Windsor.
m/o 1071420 viewsMosman Coaches Leyland Leopard PSU3A/2R/Coachmaster seen at Woolwich. Subcontracted - ex M. Burton; ex A. Havilland; ex Crowthers for engine (taken out at Moore's); ex North & Western m/o 8128; ex m/o 4844.
m/o 8698883 viewsVeolia Transport Mercedes-Benz L0812/CC ex transit First (Demerton Pty Ltd), Bankstown (54) m/o 8698 1/2/07; ex Baxter's Bus Lines (Holroyd Bus Lines Pty Ltd), Villawood (71) m/o 8698 1/1/05; ex Westbus m/o 8781. Withdrawm February 2011. It was seen in 2014 as a motor home BB72JA.
m/o 8713579 viewsMosman Coaches Leyland Leopard PSU3C/2R/PMC at Georges Heights. It was ex Westway, Bankstown Airport m/o 8081, ex Crossley Bus Lines; ex Punchbowl, ex m/o 4199. Advertised for sale through Stan Biega 09/07.
m/o 7048850 viewsHunter Valley Buses Bedford YMT3/CC still in the livery of its original owner Glenorie Bus Co. Deregd 7/08.
AN46ZF863 viewsAn unidentified ex Sydney Buses Mercedes O305/PMC unit being used at the Apec Conference Sydney 9/2007.
SHE 008700 viewsAn unidentified ex ACTION MAN SL200 at Murphys Commercials Sales.
m/o 5245974 viewsLeyland Leopard PSU3E/2R/CC pictured at Richmond RAAF base. Ex Bowmans St Marys. Sold to R. Chahal then to Berkeley Bus & Coach

Last additions - Ben O's Gallery
Quains Enterprises Pty Ltd, Wellington (photo by Ty Manning)119 viewsFormer Quains MO 7253 Toyota Coaster spotted in Sydney's inner-west being used for private purposes.Feb 03, 2013
Quains Enterprises Pty Ltd, Wellington (photo by Greg Bush)114 viewsMO 7249 Bedford SB3 / Domino; ex JA & ML Lewis, Wellington MO 7249 -/83.
Sold to GJ Selems, Gilgandra (believed to never have been registered with Selems).
Feb 03, 2013
B & C Gilkes, Wellington (photo by Greg Bush)98 viewsMO 7937 Bedford YRQ2 / PMC; ex JV & T O'Neill, Coonamble MO 7937.
Sold to EC & F Ogden t/a Ogden's Coaches, Wellington as (6) MO 7937 early-1990s; Replaced by 2001.
Feb 03, 2013
Ogden's Coaches (photo by Ty Manning)193 views(16) MO 8997 Mercedes-Benz OF1315 / Autobus, still in fleet as 4800 MO.Feb 03, 2013
Ogden's Coaches (photo by Ty Manning)159 views(11) TV 054 Volvo B10M / PMCSA "Apollo"; ex Dubbo Coaches (JA Gilbert Pty Ltd) TV 054; ex MJK 470; ex Dubbo Bus & Coachlines (Stonestreet) MJN 470.
Dereg -/10 and stored for sale at Mudgee - sold for for a race car transporter in Northern Territory as 970 854 2/10.
Feb 03, 2013
Offner's Omnibus Service, Wellington (photo by Ken Magor)106 viewsMO 5634 Bedford VAM (LPG) / PMC; Sold to R & B Collyer t/a Mudgee Bus Service, Mudgee 10/72; Between 6/79 & 9/79 sold to KJ & WL Boyd, Narromine; then to Frasers Coaches (Dubbo) Pty Ltd, Dubbo -/94.Feb 03, 2013
Ogden's Coaches MO 4195 (photo by Ben Ogle)150 views(14) MO 4195 Leyland Super Comet / PMC; ex MO 446; ex m/o 446; ex Cope, Wellington m/o 446; ex Westway (Demerton Pty Ltd), Moorebank m/o 446; ex Milperra Bus Co m/o 446 1/7/87 - 6/78 truck chassis.
Dereg 30/10/06 and stored - Still at depot 3/7/08. Sold for a motorhome at Logan Reserve, QLD early-2010.
Feb 03, 2013
Offner's Omnibus Service, Wellington (photo by Ron Drummond)100 views(7) MO 313 GMC / Syd Wood; ex Bus Lines of Australia.
Sold to RJ Drummond t/a Drummond Transit, Greenacre.
Feb 03, 2013