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MO 4283290 viewsKirklands, Lismore AEC Merlin
3514AO8 viewsVentura Bus Lines, Lilydale (734) Scania L94UA (artic)/Volgren at Box Hill om metro emergency rail 8th April 2016.
m/o 543976 viewsParramatta Ryde Bus Service/Trailer Tours Leyland Leopard/Parra Ryde which was initially on a White truck chassis, It was sold from Parra-Ryde to the Vision Valley youth camp. Centralian photo.
m/o 8934596 viewsCanterbury Bus Lines Leyland Leopard/Ansair 3/76 B38D ex Ventura (98) IKP 898 which after a short time became m/o 541. It became a mobile home.
Sydney Ferrython 2005132 viewsNarrabeen + Alexander

9193AO49 viewsCDC Geelong (139) Scania K320IB/Higer A30 ex Benders, at Science Works Spotswood on a school charter 18th August 2016.
Scania K92 [PMCSA] TassieLink 79 [FJ-2023] @ Huonville c_22Oct07.JPG
FJ 202381 viewsTassielink (79) Scania K92/PMCSA at Huonville c 22 October 2007.
2611 MO323 viewsPremier Illawarra, a Mercedes OH1830LE with a Custom Coaches CB60 Evo2 Body, in the Keira/Burelli/Corrimal St area.

Last additions
TV 3315 viewsHopkinsons Higer Roadbus – Cummins ISBe/Higer Roadbus ex (SA) SB39AU, on rail at Cronulla Station 11/3/2018.Mar 18, 2018
m/o 509438 viewsShire Bus Service (15) Mercedes O405/Custom Coaches ex 7728 MO by 3/18; ex Busways North Coast Pty Ltd, Grafton (256) 7728 MO by 2/18; ex m/o 8758 by 1/15; ex Busways Campbelltown, on rail standby in Cronulla St, Cronulla 11/3/2018. Duplicated plate with a Transdev bus. Rego check shows rego should be 5094 MO.Mar 18, 2018
IMG_5146 - Transperth 3021 Volgren CR228L Volvo B12LEA [TP 3021] @ St Georges Tce c_01Apr2016.JPG
TP 30213 viewsTransperth (2352) Volvo B12LEA/Volgren CR22L at St Georges Terrace c 1 April 2016.Mar 18, 2018
IMG_5125 - Transperth 3028 Volgren CR228L Volvo B12LEA [TP 3028] @ William Street c_01Apr2016.JPG
TP 30287 viewsTransperth (2352) Volvo B12LEA/Volgren CR22L at William St c 1 April 2016.Mar 18, 2018
Vagabond Spirit5 viewsVagabond Cruises ferry in Circular Quay 15/2/2018.Mar 18, 2018
Young Endeavour5 viewsIn Circular Quay 16/1/2018.Mar 18, 2018
9598AO9 viewsCDC Melbourne, Werribee (130) Volvo B9R/Volgren on the Monash Freeway 1st April 2016.Mar 18, 2018
3514AO8 viewsVentura Bus Lines, Lilydale (734) Scania L94UA (artic)/Volgren at Box Hill om metro emergency rail 8th April 2016.Mar 18, 2018