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m/o 7881913 viewsFrom Crossley Bus Lines is this Mercedes O305/PMC, ex (63) FRW063, EWW063 Ventura Buslines, Oakleigh Vic.-ex STA Mark I 1796. It became Connex (145) and was withdrawn April 2004. Sold to the Parker family in 2006. Seen operating a rail bus service - obviously Fleet age wasn't a problem when Crossley's put this bus on Rail Replacement back in 2000.
CDC WB m_o 8146.jpg
m/o 8146164 viewsCDC Westbus (8146)
Volvo B10M Mk III/Custom Coaches

Seen at Penrith 18/9/13
Lewis Bros AEC Reliance 165-448.jpg
165 448105 viewsLewis Bros SA AEC/Hedges in 1974.
TV 721070 viewsA white BCI coach from unknown owner on a shopping tour in Port Hacking Road, Caringbah, 2/12/2012
2003 Bus Show391 viewsVolvo B7R/P & D for Deane's Buslines
MO 4413293 viewsGrafton Bus Co Albion VK41/CCMC in Bent St, approaching the Round-a-bout. On the far left of screen is where the current 'Bus Interchange' is. The street on the far right is Armidale Rd.
m/o 500841 viewsTransdev NSW (352) Mercedes-Benz O500LE/Bustech VST in TNSW livery ex (352) in Hay Ave, Caringbah 22/2/2015.
m/o 1234508 viewsVeolia Transport (141) MAN 10.155/CC "510" ex Crossley Bus Lines (Danastra Pty Ltd), Revesby m/o 1234. One of a dwindling number of buses with the yellow front. Seen here at Liverpool. As seen in a later photo in the gallery, it did receive a white front but has since been sold.

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m/o 53357 viewsLinsleys Bros (15) AEC Reliance 691/PMC in Jayes Tours livery.Apr 28, 2015
m/o 40966 viewsLinsleys Bros AEC Regal III/ComengApr 28, 2015
MO 154 viewsLevers Queanbeyan AEC Reliance 505/Custom Coaches,Apr 28, 2015
6299AO9 viewsDysons (373) is a Mercedes Benz 616CDI/Alan B. Denning, acquired from Young at Heart for which it still does Tours. Seen here in August 2007.Apr 28, 2015
XOK 3558 viewsDysons (394) is a brand new Mercedes Benz 0500RF-3 Coach Concepts for Australian Pacific work in August 2007.Apr 28, 2015
4307AO9 viewsDysons (144) Scania L94IB with a NCBC body seen here outside the Old Melbourne Gaol on a Charter in August 2007.Apr 28, 2015
0909AO12 viewsDysons (259) Mercedes O405NH/Volgren CR228L is seen here passing two Scanias as it heads off to Upfield on Rail Replacement in August 2007.Apr 28, 2015
3891AO14 viewsDysons (185) Scania L94UB/Volgren 227L which has a front almost exclusive to Dysons. Seen here in August 2007.Apr 28, 2015