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m/o 2451655 viewsSydney Buses (2451) Mercedes O305/PMC at South Bondi. Since sold for preservation.
MET-636 Scania N113 Ansair Orana.JPG
MET 636682 viewsMetro Tasmania Scania N113/Ansair Orana pictured at Burnie.
CDC WB m_o 8125.jpg
m/o 812599 viewsCDC Westbus (8125)
Volvo B10M Mk III/Custom Coaches

Seen at Penrith 18/9/13
1646AO197 viewsEchuca-Moama Transit / Newton's Bus Service, Rochester (3) Bustech XDi/Bustech.
m-o3385m-o3291-P32 (2).jpg
m/o 338572 viewsThe MAN SL202 and Mercedes PMC '160' Farewell Tour : Sydney Buses Randwick – (3385) Mercedes Benz 0405 / PMC "160" in the foreground with m/o 3291 (3291) MAN SL202 / PMC "Mk V" next to it 17th February 2013. Photo taken at Torrington Rd, Maroubra Beach. PLI photo.
3310 MO90 viewsIllawarra Escape Tours operate this old school Bedford YRT3 with CCMC bodywork, Seen at Wollongong. Known as "Barry", it is ex CR & KA Perry, Temora 3310 MO 25/11/12; ex MO 4141; ex IW & RK Camp, Temora MO 4141 -/02; ex TC & JD Mueller, Temora MO 4141; ex IW & RK Camp, Temora MO 4141; ex Cartwight, Temora MO 4141; ex RA Steinhardt Holdings Pty Ltd t/a Port Macquarie Bus Service (15) MO 7274.
349 350 167 335 1.jpg
m/o 5094 m/o 5095 m/o 5327 m/o 5074280 viewsVeolia NSW
(349) Mercedes Benz O500LE/Bustech 'VST',
(350) Mercedes Benz O500LE/Bustech 'VST',
(167) Mercedes Benz O405NH/Bustech ex 1813 MO; Removed from service after serious accident 11/09/09. Emerged from repairs fitted with a Bustech "VST" front 3/10 and re-reg 1813 MO ex m/o 8331.,
(335) Mercedes Benz O500LE/Bustech 'VST'.
4 Mercedes-Benz/Bustech Buses
Sitting in Menai Depot awaiting their next shifts.
BMBC 3724 MO.jpg
3724 MO86 viewsBlue Mountains Bus Co.
MAN 15.220/Custom CB30
ex MO 5902 10/08.
Seen 18/9/13

Last additions
m/o 1344 viewsMetrolink Volvo B10M/Centurion ex Royal Australian Armed Forces (RAAF).which had been refronted.Sep 02, 2014
m/o 78623 viewsParramatta Ryde Bus Service Leyland Leopard/PMC rebuilt by Parramatta Ryde (placed into service 2/89) ex UTA 3860 via auction 29/6/88. To STA 28/2/00 (stored) - Sold to Sydney Coachlines Pty Ltd, Kingsgrove as m/o 7855 5/00; then to Engadine 6/11/11 for further use as a commercial vehicle in the future & plate put on hold; Listed for sale on Ebay 4/12, sold to the Victorian snowfields; then to Bundaberg, QLD 10/12; Noted for sale 29/1/14.Sep 02, 2014
TV 3073 viewsShire Coaches. Heathcote Denning Denair heavily rebuilt ex John A Gilbert Pty Ltd t/a Koala Tours, Mt Kuring-gai (76) TV 307 2/96; ex Muttaburra Investments Pty Ltd t/a Koala Tours, Mount Kuring-gai (76) TV 307 1/10/92. Reregd TV 3717 & Sold to Jung's Coaches (In Sung Jung), Bankstown by 4/14; then to Hai's Tours, Lidcombe as TV 3717.Sep 02, 2014
6378 MO6 viewsBusways, Coffs harbour (264) Mercedes-Benz O405/Custom Coaches ex m/o 8790 27/12/09, seen here 7/2011 One of a few O405s at Coffs that have had their bumpers painted white. It returned to Sydney (Penrith) as m/o 9750 by 4/10/2013.Sep 02, 2014
5683 MO6 viewsBusways Coffs Harbour (775) Mercedes-Benz O405 Turbo/Custom Coaches 420 ex Yamba, ex MO 5275; ex King Bros (114), repainted at Coffs Harbour, seen here 7/2011.Sep 02, 2014
Lineup7 viewsA lineup of four Busways buses at Macksville depot 7/2011.Sep 02, 2014
1037 MO4 viewsBusways, Port Macquarie (176) MAN 16.240/Custom Coaches ex MO 5426, ex m/o 8188, seen here 7/2011. Sold to Kingsgrove Bus Service Pty Ltd t/a Casula Bus Service, Moorebank 9/8/14. Sep 02, 2014
TV 65265 viewsSydney Explorer (429) MCW Metrobus Mk2/MCW placed back into traffic 12/10, ex (105) 3398AO, RFF227 Melbourne City Sightseeing, stored in Sydney. ex CZ 894 New World First Bus, Hong Kong, ex (ML17) CZ 894 China Motor Bus, Hong Kong, in Alfred St, Circular Quay 29/8/2014.Sep 02, 2014