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Vale Ken Bowman

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Kenneth Percival Bowman passed away on 08 April 2019, aged 76 years. Ken was literally born into buses as his parents ran buses in Forbes in western NSW. Ken purchased his first run in Forbes in March 1965 and added further runs over the following years. He sold out on 30 September 1981. Ken then moved to the Gold Coast to pursue other interests, but when the bus operations in Goulburn became available in 1985 Ken relocated to Goulburn and purchased the business. The fleet was progressively renewed over time - a mix of new buses (mostly Hinos) and some second hand vehicles. Ken sold the business to Punchbowl in 12/2008 but continued to live at his property at Run O Waters at Goulburn until early 2017 when he sold up and moved to Coolangatta (Nowra). A number of the former Bowmans Goulburn vehicles continue in use in the Punchbowl fleet, whilst 2 of the former vehicles were reported sold for preservation - including the last Bedford VAL in use as a bus in NSW. I always found Ken very friendly and helpful when visiting and photographing buses. I remember Ken was particularly intrigued with the attention I was giving MO1810 not long after it was added to the Goulburn fleet in 1992. When I explained my special interest was that this bus was the one I passed my driving test for my bus licence 15 years earlier Ken invited me to take it for a drive for old time's sake. A gentleman.

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Re: Vale Ken Bowman

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Thanks for reporting this very sad news Peter.
I was fortunate to visit Ken's depot in Goulburn a number of times and ,like you,was allways impressed by the friendly welcome and very informative chats with Ken.He had a very broad range of interests and he was just great to talk with.
The business he purchased in Goulburn from the Macquarie Towns Bus Lines group in 1985 was very run down, being treated as a back water and cash cow to their Sydney businesses.
Ken did an amazing job in upgrading the fleet to a modern fleet of Hinos and latterly 2 Volvos for charter.The fleet and depot were allways beautifully presented.He even achieved patronage increases on his Goulburn town route service with a mixture of the right sized smaller buses and personalised service .He started with a Coaster on that service then upgraded it to a Mercedes 814/Alan.B.Denning then a small Hino with his favoured P& D bodies.
Because Ken came from the country and with a family heritage in the bus industry he just knew what to do in operating quality services in a regional town.I know he took much pride in his businessses.

Vale Ken Bowman.

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Re: Vale Ken Bowman

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Ken Bowman was a good man and well respected as well as a good bus operator. When Macquarie Towns took over the Goulburn operations from Mr Packer also, a very nice man. The fleet was small old ex Government buses. Larger and newer buses were available at Windsor and transferred to Goulburn as well as 2 Double Deck buses bought for Goulburn. A new Toyota Coaster was introduced for the town service. When ken bought the service it was not run down nor just a cash cow it was simply a good business. At the time the owners of Macquarie Towns also owned a number of other interest in Goulburn. I am like others very sad to learn of his passing.

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