Sydney Buses for OMSI 2

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Sydney Buses for OMSI 2

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Hello all!

I have recently invested in OMSI 2, and I have downloaded Manly Map Act Two, can't wait for Act Three to be released, have downloaded the MB O405 for Manly, Enviro 200 for Manly, Enviro 400 for Manly and have got the B7L Wright Eclipse for Manly, and these are all very good, and I know this may sound a bit corny or cringy, but I reckon I've got this huge longing within me for some authentic Sydney Bus Models for OMSI to complete the Manly Map's authentic feel.

So I guess what I am asking, is if anyone knows of any progress updates with some existing projects or if they have plans for some Sydney, or even Australian buses out there for OMSI, I'd love to, and I'm sure everyone else from Sydney or Australia in general who plays OMSI would just love hear about any projects you have planned or know of because all I know is DavidH21's stuff looks amazing and I don't think I can wait any longer for them to be released! :lol: :roll:

On the other hand, I do understand that some people like to keep quiet about their projects because that's just what they prefer to do, and I totally respect that.

Anyway, I'd personally love to see an STA 14--, 15--, 16-- or 48-- Series B12 CB60, the 16-- or 17-- Series B12 CB60 Artics, or the 18--, 19--, 20--, 21--, 22--, 23--, 48-- and 49-- Series B12 CB60 Evo II's. The 38-- and 39-- Series B10 Orana's would also be a very nice thing to see. Overall though, an authentic model of one of the old STA Mercs, anything from the MkI O305 to the MkV O405 would be an amazing thing to see in OMSI!

CB60, out.

"Impatient when it comes to waiting for bus stuff to be released" - Myself :oops: :roll: :lol:
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