Gosford Beyer Garratt Shuttle at Wondabyne & Pt Frederick

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Gosford Beyer Garratt Shuttle at Wondabyne & Pt Frederick

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V1 & V2: Run 6S73 Gosford Beyer Garratt Shuttle passing Wondabyne.


V3: AD6029 on Run 6S73 Gosford Shuttle looking from Point Frederick shoreline.

P1: House looking from Wondabyne Wharf.
(Here's how it looked in 2012: http://dragonfly47.blogspot.com/2012/01 ... tting.html)

P2: Freight train (maybe one of the Melbourne - Brisbane ones??) passing Wondabyne
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Re: Gosford Beyer Garratt Shuttle at Wondabyne & Pt Frederic

Post by Swift »

Fascinating piece of railway line here. Wondabyne was the terminus before the Hawkesbury River Railway Bridge was constructed. This was originally single track going to the bridge despite the bridge being dual track in anticipation of duplication.
In the end, the bridge itself was converted to gauntlet track after the duplication either side took place, to ensure no two trains passed each other on the then compromised structure due to be replaced.
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