Less common sights in SEQ- Part 2

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Less common sights in SEQ- Part 2

Post by TheIlikeBusesGuy »

Round 2 of less common sights in SEQ:

First up, a bus that is no longer with us, but still one of my favourites- Ex BT W/S 1599, Mercedes Benz C628 Citaro. Only one ever served with BT, and it usually did a specific set of routes, making a 174/175 fairly uncommon.
Merc Trial bus.jpg
Next up, a selection of rare Railbuses. There tends to be a very select number of operators that have a major presence on Rail, and smaller operators such as Doyle's Coaches and E&D Charters slip through the cracks.
E&D Rail.jpg
Doyles Rail.jpg
Whilst BBL is a regular fixture on Rail, their BCI Proma (midi bus) is not.
BCI Proma rail.jpg
Sisil's Bus Lines has an interesting fleet, rarely photographed. I like that they tend to keep older buses running, rather than sending them to the scrapyard!
Sisils Lineup.jpg
B10B Sisils.jpg
This Mercedes LO812, unknown operator was a nice surprise to see in Kelvin Grove, whilst walking to a uni class.
The B12BLE, operated by G,C,S and W; is used on a large range of services. The following buses below fall outside of that main crop of routes:

A tag axle on a 50- I was the only passenger onboard, so the driver kindly dropped me off across from QUT before heading back to depot.
Tag Fre loop.jpg
Tag axle 170's aren't particularly common either, so its a treat to see one (surprising because G,S,W,C all do the 170, and all have tags)
Tag 170.jpg
To finish up, as the icing on the cake, a Virginia depot 199.
Virginia 199.jpg
Still waiting for a MAN SL200 to catch to school. Might be waiting a while....

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Re: Less common sights in SEQ- Part 2

Post by Hornibrook »

The Mercedes 812 you photographed at Kelvin Grove belongs to Dansie Coaches - ex North & Western BS in Sydney of whose livery it still wears today.

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Re: Less common sights in SEQ- Part 2

Post by Cordes Express »

Where did Ex BT W/S 1599, Mercedes Benz C628 Citaro end up???

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Re: Less common sights in SEQ- Part 2

Post by AirBusTrain »

Cordes Express wrote:Where did Ex BT W/S 1599, Mercedes Benz C628 Citaro end up???
Last I heard, its in Rocklea rotting somewhere, not sure exactly where though

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Re: Less common sights in SEQ- Part 2

Post by Colhad75 »

The Sisils buses can be seen doing school runs on Wynnum Road Morningside.
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Buses of Brisbane and Outer Suburbs.

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