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Secret Proposal Leaked To Construct Elevated Rail Line!!!

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Re: Secret Proposal Leaked To Construct Elevated Rail Line!!

Postby BroadGauge » Wed Mar 16, 2016 9:47 pm

V981 wrote:Well, I look forward to the opening day, and seeing how people conquer the gap between the existing platform and the train doors some 9 metres upwards. :roll:

That section of line isn't going to be elevated, as there are no level crossings between Centre Rd, Clayton and Corrigan Rd, Noble Park, and the latter isn't until 700 metres east of Sandown Park station.

I wouldn't be surprised if they decided to refurbish the remaining 'old' stations on the line as a part of the project though.
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Re: Secret Proposal Leaked To Construct Elevated Rail Line!!

Postby RailwayBus » Thu Mar 17, 2016 12:51 am

V981 wrote:
RailwayBus wrote:Sandown Park is not getting a new station. The new stations will be at Carnegie, Murrumbeena, Hughesdale, Clayton and Noble Park.

Well, I look forward to the opening day, and seeing how people conquer the gap between the existing platform and the train doors some 9 metres upwards. :roll:

Only stations that are actually on the "Skyrail" section need to be rebuilt, for obvious reasons. The line through Sandown Park station will not be elevated, so it won't be receiving a new station.
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Postby Frosty » Wed May 04, 2016 8:40 pm

The project that divides Melbourne SkyRail. SkyRail is interesting since SkyRail is not the prettiest thing but staring down into a trench is just as ugly.

SkyRail on the Dandenong line I'm split I think the concerns of the Anti-SkyRail residents should be heard. PS: David Davis is always seem to be on TV.
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Re: SkyRail

Postby dex » Wed May 04, 2016 9:22 pm

You know what else is really bad? Sitting in traffic for hours on end whilst the rest of the city stand still.
It's called progress. It's the same reason people upgrade their phone every six weeks, or upgrade their car, move house, get new glasses, watch 3d movies, use free wi-fi...so on.
Unless you still use a horse and cart to get to the centrel...I mean work, then get along and join Melbourne and enjoy the progress!
The residents are up in arms about something that has not even happened and their concerns are really unwarranted at this stage.
They talk of slums, but they are all across Melbourne as it stands, they talk about graffiti, again, all across Melbourne. Move along and enjoy the freedom of flowing traffic! Before it eventually grinds to a halt...again!
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Re: Secret Proposal Leaked To Construct Elevated Rail Line!!

Postby tranzitjim » Thu Jun 02, 2016 4:20 pm

At least if they get it all done by the Election, we will be stuck with it.

Will the Liberals want to spend $$$$ in pulling it down and putting it under???
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Melbourne Elevated

Postby Roderick Smith » Mon Jun 20, 2016 11:53 am

Anti ‘sky rail’ campaigners vow to stage rolling protests to stop controversial transport development.
June 19, 2016 Herald Sun.
www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/anti ... 1f39231a00

Sky rail protesters march en masse in Hughesdale.
Date June 19, 2016 - Melbourne 'Age', Comments 5
www.theage.com.au/victoria/sky-rail-pro ... pml64.html

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Re: Secret Proposal Leaked To Construct Elevated Rail Line!!

Postby tranzitjim » Fri Jul 08, 2016 4:40 pm

The works are about to begin, with the big crane going in.

I wonder how long it would take to do that one section?

While the machines are in that area, why not do Rowville and Alamein - Hugesdale too?
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Re: Secret Proposal Leaked To Construct Elevated Rail Line!!

Postby V981 » Sun Jul 17, 2016 11:47 pm

tranzitjim wrote:The works are about to begin, with the big crane going in.

I wonder how long it would take to do that one section?

While the machines are in that area, why not do Rowville and Alamein - Hugesdale too?

I actually like your thinking Tranzitjim. Let's face it, Daniel Andrews and his government are copping a bit of heat at the moment for their alleged wastage of taxpayer funds and some of the other questionable political decisions they have made in recent months. They are desperate to find a "good news story" to get the voters back on side again.

If announcing the removal of level crossings in Rowville when there aren't any to remove doesn't restore peoples faith in the Andrews government, I honestly don't know what will.

But as you suggest, if the big crane is already in town, and presumably the government is spending a considerable sum to lease it, you might as well get maximum benefit from it.

If nothing else, commencing a Rowville level crossing removal project will at the very least ensure that all those workers will remain in stable employment for a few more months, even if they do spend most of it scratching their heads wondering what it is they are supposed to be doing there. :lol:
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Re: Elevated Rail Lines

Postby Roderick Smith » Mon Feb 27, 2017 10:31 am

This whole program has been shoddily conceived and badly implemented by a dictatorial and incompetent government fed by the useless PTV and the road-biassed LXRA.
From the outset, it was covered by an organised litany of lies at which the trenched solution was exhibited at 'consultation meeting' for the Caulfield - Oakleigh section.
The bombshell came in January, with the announcement of elevated in the three zones between Caulfield and Dandenong.
This was accompanied by spin (including the marketing term 'skyrail'), propaganda pictures and outright lies (mainly by LXRA, regarding the need for width, tree removal, property acquisition and shutdowns).
Quite apart from the aesthetics, there has been no effort to futureproof by allowing for expansion.

LXRA has been careful to design the ugliest possible treatments for trench walls and for the stations: bleak, grey, ugly, no vegetation, so that people will vote for its preferred elevation, just to suit its own convenience.
There was a time when trenching was achieved under in-traffic conditions, by engineers who could cope, and didn't bleat about 'water tables'.

The end result is that the government poisoned the well for locations where elevating the railway does work: notably in sections with major and local roads alongside.
Hence, the equally bizarre decision to trench alongside Nepean Hwy.


February 25 2017 No skyrail for Bonbeach and Edithvale as government attempts to avert backlash .
Victorians could end up paying more to remove levels crossings on the Frankston train line, after the Andrews government decided not to build "skyrail" in some of its most marginal suburbs in the hope of avoiding an electoral backlash.
The Sunday Age can reveal that bayside communities in Edithvale and Bonbeach will get their wish to not have elevated rail near their homes, with the government set to announce that those key sections of the track will be lowered under the road.
Rail under road for bayside suburbs.
Residents in Mentone and Cheltenham won't get a 'sky rail' but more people in the area will be forced to sell their properties.
However, a "hybrid" version of skyrail will be built in Seaford – where the government insists it is not feasible to lower the line due to the impact a trench would have on the Kananook creek and nearby wetlands – while an elevated bridge will also be built on a semi-industrial section of the line at Skye Road, towards the end of the train line.
The move to limit skyrail on certain parts of the Frankston line is likely be welcomed by some residents, and give an element of comfort to marginal seat Labor MPs Tim Richardson (Mordialloc), Sonya Kilkenny (Carrum) and Paul Edbrooke (Frankston).
An artist's impression of skyrail.
"We've listened to the experts and the community to work out the best solution at each site," said Public Transport Minister Jacinta Allan.
"Cost is only one factor in deciding how to remove a level crossing – it's also about what's feasible and what the community want."
Nonetheless, there are still likely to be political risks, because some campaigners believe the government's level crossing removals program should not at any stage involve elevated rail.
"Skyrail is an attack on people's livelihood and their number one asset: family homes, so I don't think it's going to go down well if you put it on any part of the Frankston line," said Cameron Howe, from the Carrum and Patterson Lakes forum.
Illustration: Matt Golding .
The Sunday Age can also report:
* Under the government's latest plan, Bonbeach and Edithvale crossings will be removed by lowering the rail line at Station Street/Bondi Road and Edithvale Road, with trenches roughly one kilometre long at both sites.
*Due to the water table at Seaford, a "hybrid" design has been chosen that involves lowering Seaford Road by about 1.5 metres (a level that won't disturb ground water) while raising the railway line on a small planted embankment (around five metres high at its highest point).
* The Carrum level crossing removal, while still under consideration, is likely to involve a rail bridge.
The decision to trench under the road at Edithvale and Bonbeach could end up costing more or potentially take more time because an environmental effects statement, spanning at least 12 months, will need to be conducted to ensure that flood risks and other dangers are mitigated. The government says the cost and time frame will be determined as part of the tender process.
It also comes days after the government announced it would lower the tracks to remove three other key crossings along the Frankston line: Charman Road and Park Road in Cheltenham and Balcombe Road in Mentone – a move that would involve demolishing 25 homes and seven business premises.
Opposition spokesman David Davis accused Premier Daniel Andrews of "hoodwinking" Victorians by not presenting them with skyrail before the election. "Of course he didn't – because it's a stinker," Mr Davis said.
Skyrail has been a pressure point for the government for the more than a year – ever since it announced plans to built elevated rail along the Cranbourne-Pakenham line, without properly consulting the local community. However, the Frankston corridor includes sandbelt suburbs where elections tend to be won or lost, and residents have long made it clear that they could punish Labor as a result of it.
http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/no-sk ... ulb5i.html

Andrews Government facing budget blowout over the cost of removing rail level crossings on Frankston line Herald Sun February 26, 2017.
THE Andrews Government could face a budget blowout over the cost of removing rail level crossings at Edithvale and Bonbeach in Melbourne’s south east.
The government yesterday announced it would lower the rail line rather than build “sky rail’’ stops at the stations in the suburbs in key marginal seats.
But Transport Minister Jacinta Allan was yesterday unable to give a clear answer about how much it would cost the May Budget and whether the decision not to elevate the crossings would sting taxpayers.
“Cost is only one factor in deciding how to remove a level crossing — it’s also about what’s feasible and what the community want,’’ she said.
She said the final costs would be ``determined through the tender process.’’
“It also means we can get rid of them quicker, reducing congestion and making these communities safer, sooner,’’ she said.
The Herald Sun understands the budget for eight level-crossing removals along the Frankston line could blow out by between $1 and $2 billion if suburban sky rail options are dumped.
Five sites have the option of expensive rail trenches while three, in Carrum and Frankston, are earmarked for rail bridges.
A “hybrid’’ approach will be carried out at a rail crossing to be removed at Seaford with the road lowered about 1.5m and the rail line raised the same amount due to groundwater issues.
Opposition leader Matthew Guy accused Premier Daniel Andrews of “playing politics with infrastructure’’.
“Marginal seats get a trench — which he then opposed last year — now he’s in favour of,’’ he said.
“Safe seats that he takes for granted and couldn’t care less about, they get sky rail.’’
No Sky Rail Frankston Line president Willem Popp said the under road option was a win for Bayside residents.
“We are over the moon,’’ he said.
A decision on the type of level crossing to be built at Carrum, likely to involve a rail bridge, is expected to be announced in coming weeks.
•No sky rail at Cheltenham and Mentone stations.
•Residents ‘still in the dark’ on skyrail.
•Melbourne’s sky rail starts to rise.
•Final sky rail designs revealed.
http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victor ... bbb64e93e3 52 comments, mainly political sniping rather than technical.
Melbourne sky rail: Mordialloc man says elevated train line could be ‘tourist attraction’.
Mordialloc Chelsea Leader, February 26, 2017.
AS anti-sky rail protesters ramp up their campaign, one lone wolf has raised his voice in favour of an elevated train line he says could be “a tourist attraction”.
Community groups have welcomed the State Government’s decision to lower the Frankston rail line under road at Mentone and Cheltenham.
But they’ve pledged to keep fighting for the same decision for the remaining sites where level crossing are to be removed.
However, Mordialloc local Tolley Cacavas, who lives near an elevated section of track, said sky rail could be an opportunity to entice tourists to get on a train from Melbourne and head to the seaside suburbs, afterwards exploring the winery region beyond Frankston.
“While you’re on the train and you’re sitting up a bit higher … you’ve got this opportunity to show off your coastline, show off your bay,” Mr Cacavas said.
“It’s quite an attractive site and why not sell it like that? The government could make it (rail over road) into an environmental feature or tourist attraction.”
But retired Parkdale businessman Grahame Brandon, who has called for all the disperate anti-sky rail groups to band together, dismissed the idea.
“That’s all right for the people on the train, but it’s not good for the people who live near the rail line, because all they’re seeing is a blank high wall in front of them,” Mr Brandon said.
“The people on the train might get the benefit of it, but nobody else does.”
Sean Wise, from the No sky rail: Frankston Line group, said the remaining level crossings should have rail under road — even at Carrum where the Level Crossing Removal Authority has said elevated rail is the only option.
Mr Wise, an engineer, said Carrum residents were “absolutely devastated and gutted”.
Many bayside residents have been angered by the sky rail. Picture: Jay Town “People get that you live near a train line, but the overshadowing (of a sky rail) — what kind of quality of life will they have?”
The group has done its own study at Carrum and believed a rail under road trench option was possible.
LXRA acting project director Brad Smits said they were still finalising designs of the remaining removals and further announcements about the Frankston line would be made in coming weeks.
“There are a range of complex engineering, environmental and hydrological challenges at each site on the Frankston line — particularly Carrum where the Patterson River joins the bay,” Mr Smits said.
It comes following a Fairfax report that the sky rail would not be built in the neighbouring bayside coommunities of Edithvale and Bonbeach, which are some of the Andrews government’s most marginal suburbs.
•Sky rail bungle as dig starts without permit •Residents ‘still in the dark’ on skyrail •Sky rail protest gets personal •Libs offer to help pay for sky rail alternatives.
http://www.heraldsun.com.au/leader/inne ... f6b638bdd0 62 comments, mainly trivial.

170226Su Melbourne 'Age' - Frankston-line crossings.
170226Su-Melbourne'Age'-Frankston_line_crossings.jpg (138.02 KiB) Viewed 10280 times
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Re: Secret Proposal Leaked To Construct Elevated Rail Line!!

Postby 712M » Mon Feb 27, 2017 5:28 pm

Clearly none of the anti-Skyrail protesters actually use the train service in question. Putting the line underground will mean that the line from Moorabbin all the way to Frankston will be without a train service for weeks and months. I'm sure they would think again if they had to close the Napean Hwy for that anount of time.
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Re: Secret Proposal Leaked To Construct Elevated Rail Line!!

Postby Roderick Smith » Tue Feb 28, 2017 7:07 am

It is only today's engineers who can't trench without closure. Management convenience should not be the determinant of the outcome.
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Re: Elevated Rail Lines

Postby system improver » Mon Mar 06, 2017 10:12 am

Roderick Smith wrote:...This was accompanied by spin (including the marketing term 'skyrail')...

I don't think that is the case. The government announcements, media releases and information pamphlets have always referred to "elevated" rail. The term "skyrail" was coined by the HUN as a pejorative and used elsewhere with the same intent. Any evidence to the contrary would be welcomed.
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Re: Preston wants elevated

Postby Roderick Smith » Sun Apr 02, 2017 10:00 am

Darebin Council wants elevated railway in Preston to fix traffic woes.
Preston Leader March 30, 2017.
A PROPOSAL for a 2.5km stretch of elevated rail with new stations at Bell and Preston has been welcomed by residents fed up with traffic.
A council report released last week urged the State Government to splash out to tackle Preston’s choked level crossings.
Under the $247 million proposal, elevated track would run from Miller St to north of Murray Rd, Preston with Bell and Preston stations lifted up.
Lifting the stretch of track would open up “two MCGs worth” of land, which could be used for cycling routes or public parks, according to an independent council study.
Readers voiced their approval for the proposal, with one declaring “it’s about time”.
Preston woman Ali Way said elevated was the “sensible option”.
“Even though I’ll be directly affected by the works, it will be worth it when the project’s complete,” she said.
David said he was happy northern suburbs residents were “finally getting noticed after years of neglect”.
The study, by Raylink Consulting, John Hearsch Consulting and Rail Asset Partnership, recommended the State Government upgrade an existing plan to remove the Bell St level crossing to include the removal of three more crossings at Oakover Rd, Cramer St and Murray Rd.
The study predicts removing all four crossings at once would cost $247 million.
It said if the works were done separately the total cost would be $290 million, an extra $43 million.
The State Government has pledged to remove three of the worst level crossings in Darebin: High St, Reservoir, Bell St, Preston and Grange Rd, Alphington.
The Bell and High St crossings are still in the community consultation phase, while work has begun to lower the Grange Rd crossing.
The study claims lowered rail at Preston would be unfeasible mainly due to its extreme cost and logistic hurdles, with both a tunnel and a “cut and cover” trench option ruled out.
Preston state Labor MP Robin Scott said he had been working with Darebin Council on the issue of level crossings since 2015.
“The government welcomes all positive contributions to the debate,” he said.
Bell St carries 52,000 vehicles every day, with the crossing boomgates down for 27 minutes during the morning peak of 7am-9am.
Councillors will vote on whether to officially adopt and promote the proposal next week.
www.heraldsun.com.au/leader/north/dareb ... 06d8d32253

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Re: Secret Proposal Leaked To Construct Elevated Rail Line!!

Postby Alex on the Bus » Sun Apr 02, 2017 12:26 pm

Bell Street at the level crossing is not an Over-Dimensional route - OD1 previously turned north up High Street, and the route has recently been shifted to Rosanna Road, Greensborough Road and the M80 Ring Road. As a result Bell Street only needs the 5 metre minimum clearance which is standard for new over-road structures. (Side note: it appears that there has been a cull of OD routes in Melbourne with OD2, OD3 and OD4 being done away with.) In addition to the presence of major water and gas lines passing through Preston, the section of track between Bell Street and Murray Road runs over rather low ground which is prone to flooding during periods of intense rainfall. (Personal story: my father-in-law lived in Oakover Road when a severe thunderstorm hit Melbourne in December 2003, and had about 2 feet of water running through his house.)

To be honest I am not surprised that Preston would be quite welcoming of elevated rail. Apart from not having such an virulent NIMBY movement (the anti-Skyrail campaigners basically being an evolution of the Save Our Suburbs movement), much of the area that the elevated rail would be built in is already targeted for higher-density development. Also, much like the discussion around possibly elevating the Upfield line through Brunswick, there is also scope for developing the space under the elevated rail for commercial or artistic uses (in a similar fashion to the use of space under railway arches in the UK).

Finally, Rod, I would not be saying anything about the state of Victorian Labor (which, all things considered, as actually running quite well despite what you read in the Hun) when your own party is ripping itself apart over just how reactionary it wants to be. Besides, who is your real leader: Matthew Guy or Bernie Finn?
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Re: Secret Proposal Leaked To Construct Elevated Rail Line!!

Postby system improver » Sun Apr 02, 2017 2:49 pm

Alex on the Bus wrote:...Besides, who is your real leader: Matthew Guy or Bernie Finn?


Leader:Damon Johnston Deputy:Neil Mitchell
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Elevated stations

Postby Roderick Smith » Thu Jun 29, 2017 3:46 pm

The joys of Port Adelaide (formerly Port Adelaide Commercial Road).

Union calls for all sky rail stations to be fully staffed from first to last train.
Herald Sun Wed.28.6.17.
UNIONS are calling for all new “sky rail” stations to be fully staffed from first to last train to ease public safety fears.
Across the metropolitan rail network, 82 “premium” stations are staffed from first to last train, including the Cranbourne-Pakenham line’s Caulfield, Oakleigh, Clayton, Westall, Springvale, Noble Park, and Dandenong stations.
Removal of level crossings on the line entails the rebuilding of Carnegie, Murrumbeena, Hughesdale, Clayton and Noble Park stations.
Public Transport Victoria said existing staffing would remain at all stations between Caulfield and Dandenong. This means Hughesdale will remain unstaffed, and Carnegie and Murrumbeena will be staffed for the morning peak.
Workers build sky rail on the Cranbourne-Pakenham line. Picture: Chris Eastman
Rail Tram and Bus Union branch secretary Luba Grigorovitch said a failure to fully staff sky rail stations posed a serious safety risk to users.
“It should be noted that all these sky rail stations will have escalators and should be staffed, as they can pose a risk when they break down.
“It would make a mockery of Metro’s efforts to raise customer service,” she said.
“RTBU is calling on all sky rail stations to be given premium station status and to be fully staffed for all hours.”
Rail Tram and Bus Union branch secretary Luba Grigorovitch says a failure to fully staff sky rail stations pose a serious safety risk to users. Picture: David Caird.
Public Transport Victoria spokesman Nicholas White said the Caulfield to Dandenong Level Crossing Removal Project will remove nine of Victoria’s worst level crossings.
“On top of removing every level crossing between Dandenong and the city, the project will replace five stations with brand new elevated stations,” he said.
Under a plan developed with police, the government this year set aside funding for 100 more Protective Services Officers across the public transport network.
Premium stations have a customer service centre where passengers can buy tickets and pick up timetables, and get change for vending machines and payphones.
Most of the premium stations also have indoor waiting areas and toilets.
www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/unio ... 6b16a1a18f
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Postby Roderick Smith » Wed Jul 05, 2017 7:03 pm


4 July 2017 Artist's impression of the new Clayton Station.
Final designs have been released for a bigger and better Clayton Station, one of five stations being rebuilt as part of the Caulfield to Dandenong Level Crossing Removal Project.
Lighting, modern toilets, CCTV and a ground-level waiting room will all be features of the modern facility, set to open in 2018 when trains begin running on a new elevated rail line. Stairs, escalators and large-sized lifts (with back-up power) will give access to the elevated platforms, and a new parkiteer bike cage will provide cyclists with secure parking.
A dedicated bus link road is also being incorporated into the design, meaning hundreds of commuters – including school students – who transit to the station by bus each day will no longer have to cross busy Clayton Road to reach the station. Instead, buses will move freely through the station area to drop off and pick up passengers.
Of the five new train stations being rebuilt as part of the project, Clayton's will boast the largest landscaped forecourt, providing space to sit and relax for shoppers and commuters alike.
The new station precinct also includes plans for Clayton's original timber station building. Built in 1891, the heritage-listed building will be relocated and transformed into a new public facility.
Level crossings at Clayton are among Melbourne's worst, with boom gates down for well over half of the morning peak. Removing them via an elevated train line will not only provide relief to motorists, but open up the land underneath for new parks, paths and facilities. To see designs including a station floor plan, view our fact sheet.
http://levelcrossings.vic.gov.au/media- ... on-station

[Elevation wasn't essential for these benefits; trenching would have worked too. However, this was one location where either could work, butthe Clayton solution didn't justify the Caulfield - Oakleigh solution].
Clayton Station will be rebuilt in its current location as an elevated railway station.
The new station will be equipped with:
•safer access for passengers changing from buses to trains through dedicated bus stops next to the station and a dedicated bus link road.
•large sections of covered platform and an enclosed waiting area.
•commuter parking, including disability permit parking and a number of drop-off zones.
•new taxi ranks and bus bays.
•a new parkiteer cage close to the shared-use paths and station entrance.
• toilets for passengers during station opening hours.
• CCTV cameras, lighting and PSO facilities.
•new public information displays and hearing loops in waiting areas and on platforms.
•stairs, escalators and two lifts to improve accessibility and pedestrian flow.
•baby-change facilities for use during station opening hours.
We've heard a number of things from the community that have been included in our design. Changes include:
•reduction in the height of the station canopy by 1.8 m.
•modern facilities, improved lighting and CCTV security.
•a new dedicated bus link road.
•a new larger station forecourt.
•The new station includes a dedicated bus link road between Haughton and Carnish Roads, which will improve safety for commuters.
•Buses travelling to the station will be able to move freely to pick up and drop off passengers closer to the station; passengers no longer need to cross one of Clayton's busiest roads.
The Clayton Station Platform Building is unique because it is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register and is subject to a Local Council Heritage Overlay. It was built in 1891, and will be relocated and transformed into a new public facility as part of the new station precinct.
http://levelcrossings.vic.gov.au/media- ... on-station
170704Tu-LXRA-Clayton_station-b-ss.jpg (167.99 KiB) Viewed 9009 times
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Croydon elevated?

Postby Roderick Smith » Mon Jul 10, 2017 1:03 pm

The local council wants trenched (and there is space from the bridge to the station); the artist's impression is the usual misleading publicity spin.

Images show elevated rail proposed to replace Coolstore Rd, Croydon level crossing.
Maroondah Leader July 10, 2017.
IMAGES of the proposed Croydon elevated rail project have been revealed.
A report outlining the preliminary investigation into the Croydon grade separation was presented at a recent Maroondah Council meeting, containing images that showed what the area would like look like if the rail line was elevated.
What elevated would look like.
The council has allocated $40,000 for preliminary investigations into grade separation of the rail line at Coolstore Rd, Croydon, to create a more accessible and connected town centre.
Mayor Tony Dib previously told Leader early indications showed a below-ground option was not feasible due to the height of the railway bridge at Mt Dandenong Rd.
Should there be sky rail at Coolstore Rd According to the report, benefits from elevated rail include improved pedestrian, traffic and cycling connections, and increased carparking and open space. Disadvantages were the visual appearance of the structure, the overlooking of adjacent properties, and tree removal.
The level crossing is not on the State Government’s current removal program but the council will now advocate for it to be included, and continue to consult with the community about the project.
How the area looks now.
How it would look with elevated rail.
Croydon Central urban renewal project member Nathan Hill previously told Leader putting the rail line underground was its preference.
Do you want the train line to be put above or below ground? Leave a comment below.
www.heraldsun.com.au/leader/outer-east/ ... de00076be1
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Propaganda campaign

Postby Roderick Smith » Wed Jul 19, 2017 11:56 am

July 11 2017 $20m to be spent on advertising for level crossing removals, documents show .
More than $20 million will be spent spruiking the level crossing removal program, internal Andrews government documents show, to counteract a backlash against the project in some communities.
The Level Crossing Removal Authority has approved the multimillion-dollar spend, prompting accusations from the opposition that the government is using taxpayer money for "propaganda".
The Andrews government pledged to remove 50 level crossings. Photo: Paul Rovere .
The money will go towards towards print, radio, online, outdoor and television advertising. So far advertisements for the projects have included lavish animations and time-lapse videos.
The government said spending was necessary to consult with communities and keep them informed about how they would be affected by the projects.
A 2016 procurement document from the Level Crossing Removal Authority recommends spending more than $20 million on "campaign advertising" over seven years.
The document said the advertising would enhance awareness of crossing removal program works and "promote the benefits to the community".
The so-called "sky rail" option of elevating rail lines high above ground level has proven controversial in some communities where they will be built.
However, crossings that have been lowered beneath ground level have proven popular with many residents.
A government spokeswoman said over the past two years 10 crossings had been removed, eight train stations rebuilt and a further 13 level crossing removals were in construction.
"This is a multibillion-dollar project and we make no apologies for consulting communities about the design of these projects and keeping them informed about how construction affects them," she said.
However, opposition infrastructure spokesman Ryan Smith said residents and businesses around the "controversial sky rail" sites had endured disruption for months because of the "invasive project".
"The last thing they need is their tax dollars being spent on Daniel Andrews' propaganda," he said.
The advertising spend comes after the Andrews government introduced new guidelines last year prohibiting political advertising at taxpayers' expense.
The government has pledged to remove 50 level crossings over two terms of government.
Several properties will need to be compulsorily acquired to make way for further crossing removals on the Frankston line.
The most recent state budget brought forward more than $840 million from the forward estimates to fund an extra eight crossing removals.
No Sky Rail Frankston Line president Willem Popp said the government should consult more with affected communities about the removal options they wanted.
"They need to get out there and spend the money but listen to the community and engage at a proper level," he said.
The government maintains that hundreds of information sessions have been held and thousands of residents and traders have been door-knocked.
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Rating our trains depends on which side of the tracks you're on .
We want sky rail too, says Moreland's former mayor .
www.theage.com.au/victoria/20m-to-be-sp ... x95kh.html
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Re: Secret Proposal Leaked To Construct Elevated Rail Line!!

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Rail bridge plan convinces Carrum couple to sell dream home.
Mordialloc Chelsea Leader July 23, 2017.
A YOUNG couple say they have been forced to sell their dream seaside home because of a huge rail bridge planned for Carrum.
And Bec Swinton and Iain Collins, who bought their Station St townhouse three years ago, fear the bridge will mean they lose money in the sale.
The State Government’s 900m long bridge — 8m tall at its highest point, with gantries to stretch a further 8m — will directly overlook the couple’s home.
“I can’t think of anything worse than dividing Carrum with a big, concrete structure,” Ms Swinton said.
“What happens if they run out of money and can’t make it look as pretty as the pictures?”
Ms Swinton said her and Mr Collins had been considering selling for six months and planned to put the house on the market later this year.
“We don’t want to leave the area, we love it so much, but it looks like elevated rail is going to go ahead,” she said.
Selling to developers is not an option because their house is on subdivided land, so the couple fear they may end up selling the house — on the market for $522,500 in 2014 — at a loss.
With works just six months away, other homeowners in the bayside suburb have been expressing fears about falling house prices too.
Real estate agent Adam Miller, from Hockingstuart Chelsea, said uncertainty about property prices was common.
“Their concerns are if there’s a large structure right there, would it have an impact on the saleability of their home and what impact would it have on their lives?” Mr Miller said.
PROTESTERS TAKE TO STREETS TO FIGHT ELEVATED RAIL The agent said buyer reluctance was also a possibility because of uncertainty about what the new rail bridge and the land beneath would look like.
“Station St is prime in terms of location and amenities,” Mr Miller said.
“If we knew there was an underground solution with beautiful walkways, the impact would most likely be positive and more people would likely buy there.”
Carrum’s median house price has risen from $688,500 in August 2016 to $775,750 in June 2017. Units rose from $517,500 to $555,000 in the same period.
Ray White Chelsea director John Shore said areas such as Carrum and Seaford had probably been undervalued for the past few years and he didn’t think prices would drop as a result of sky rail.
“People are discovering Carrum has a beach and it is magnificent; it’s got Patterson River, which is also magnificent; and the lifestyle there is great,” Mr Shore said.
But he said uncertainty about the duration and scale of the level crossing removal work could affect potential buyers.
The State Government has now short-listed the tenders for some level crossing removals along the Frankston line.
The contract for the first package of work in Carrum and Seaford should be awarded this December and construction will start early next year.
However, anti-sky rail protesters are continuing their ‘rail under road’ campaign and have planned a public rally at the Seaford Community Centre from 10am-12noon on July 23.
www.heraldsun.com.au/leader/inner-south ... 624395f18b
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Frankston line

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170724M Melbourne 'Herald Sun' - Frankston elevated, protest.

170724M-Melbourne'HeraldSun'-Frankston_elevated-s.jpg (175.2 KiB) Viewed 8731 times
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Re: Secret Proposal Leaked To Construct Elevated Rail Line!!

Postby Heihachi_73 » Tue Jul 25, 2017 11:24 am

It isn't really their "dream house" if the only fear they have is losing money on the sale of a house, Swinton and Collins sound exactly like house flippers to me. Obviously they have never heard of "you win some, you lose some" when it comes to business. If you want to live the 1950s dream, move to V/Line territory. Or the Northern Territory.
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Berwick elevated?

Postby Roderick Smith » Thu Jul 27, 2017 10:10 pm

1/4 suburban backyards; 1/4 commercial backyards; 2/4 carparking: this looks to be a prime candidate for road under rail, which then allows for future extra tracks.
LXRA is fixated on elevated, because that makes its life easier, and it is dominated by road engineers: hardly a rail engineer or even a transport manager in the whole organisation.

The big disaster of the whole program has been zero provision for future rail enhancement, quite apart from urban-blight solutions.

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Dictatorial plan to Construct Elevated Rail Line!!!

Postby Roderick Smith » Mon Aug 07, 2017 12:33 pm

Where elevated is the wrong solution (Caulfield - Oakleigh), the dictatorial government doesn't budge; where it is a useful solution, the government does something pork barrelling. Unfortunately, the opposition is too peevish and incapable of coming up with anything useful.

Carrum to get $50m beach promenade after elevated rail built to remove three level crossings.
Herald Sun August 6, 2017.
A $50 million beach promenade will be built in a bayside suburb where residents have campaigned against the government’s skyrail project.
The new parkland and promenade will be built between the Nepean Highway and Carrum Beach in Carrum.
Five properties will be acquired on Nepean Highway to clear the way for the new public space.
Premier Daniel Andrews announced the project yesterday and said the Level Crossing Removal Authority would assist the property owners through the process of having their homes acquired.
Sonya Kilkenny is the MP in one of Victoria’s most marginal seats.
“This is a huge win for the local community. We’re not only getting rid of dangerous and congested level crossings — we’re creating new open space, parkland and picnic areas just a stone’s throw from the beach,” Mr Andrews said.
The new open space will be created after three level crossings are removed in the area, as part of the government’s level crossing removal program.
Undo the controversial changes a 900-metre rail bridge will be built in Carrum, with the elevated tracks sitting eight metres high at the highest point.
Local residents have created an online petition against the skyrail project, claiming the elevated structure would ruin the town’s unique coastal village character.
Sky rail on the rise
Carrum is among Victoria’s most marginal seats, after Labor MP Sonya Kilkenny defeated former Liberal MP Donna Bauer at the last election by 571 votes.
Ms Kilkenny today said the new project was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the community.
“I’m excited to be involved in this project and am looking forward to delivering great outcomes for our local community.”
Residents had previously slammed their local MP for the handling of the controversial rail project, warning the community was not happy and Ms Kilkenny could lose her seat at next year’s state election.
www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/carr ... e85925c921
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Re: Secret Proposal Leaked To Construct Elevated Rail Line!!

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Residents say Government failed to pay full price of their homes.
Herald Sun October 13, 2017.
ANGRY residents living next to sky rail in Melbourne’s southeast say they have no choice but to endure construction chaos then packed trains whizzing past their windows — because government offers for their homes are derisory.
Some families in Carnegie eligible to sell their properties to the state as a result of the $1.6 billion project say they have been ­offered up to $100,000 less than valuations.
One homeowner, among many fed up with 18 months of noisy work to build the 3.2km section of elevated track, was told his low offer was because “Merric Lane is the worst ­location in Carnegie”.
Works along Merric Lane in Carnegie come incredibly close to houses. Picture: Alex Coppel.
Viaduct close to homes in Merric Lane, Carnegie. Picture: Alex Coppel.
The row comes as new bird’s eye view photographs show the scale of the whole project on the Cranbourne-Pakenham line, allowing the removal of nine level crossings.
Four townhouses in Merric Lane, which borders the track, were deemed eligible for compensation under the government’s voluntary purchase scheme. Three owners rejected government offers ranging from $800,000 to $840,000 — at least $100,000 less than independent valuers’ assessments, backed by a local estate agent. The fourth owner agreed to sell for $780,000.
Daniel Tran rejected the state offer of $840,000 for his three-bedroom property.
“Three independent valuers valued my place and my two neighbours’ houses between $895,000 to $930,000,” Mr Tran said.
“But the government told me it was the worst location in Carnegie, they felt obliged to significantly under- value our houses.”
Agent Sam Singh, from Ray White, said $940,000 to $980,000 was a realistic valuation of each. “When sky rail is finished, it could be quite a desirable location as it’s close to schools, cafes and the station. You just need vision,” he said.
Carnegie residents Amos Hunt, Peter Gray and Chelsie Dickson. Picture: Alex Coppel.
David Davis, opposition spokesman for public transport, said: “Daniel Andrews’ voluntary purchase scheme is a shambles, with hard-pressed residents offered far less than what was true market value before the sky rail was foisted upon them.”
The government says sky rail will ease congestion and allow it to run more trains on Victoria’s busiest rail corridor.
Level Crossing Removal Authority project director Brett Summers said the scheme gave residents closest to the rail corridor the option of whether to stay in their homes or move away.
“Many residents tell us they are keen to stay, given they will soon have access to less congested roads, better public transport, and new parks and cycle paths at their doorstep,” Mr Summers said.
Viaduct sections being lowered into place works in Merric Lane, Carnegie.
And the work continues at night, metres away from residents.
Several criteria applies to determine whether properties are eligible to be included in the voluntary purchase scheme, including sharing a property boundary with the rail corridor, being used for residential purposes, and whether the property is subject to significant overshadowing.
Our photos show a 35-tonne two-storey “straddle carrier” working less than 4m from some homes as it puts beams on pillars 10m high.
More than 1000 workers are on the project, with the workforce to double during peak construction period.
Crane constructed at Murrumbeena station.
http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victor ... aa8709b8b0 58 comments, mixed: just one, * Compare the picture above to the impressions in the link below - not even close, what a sell out by Denial and his Government!
http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victor ... ec7099d26b
171013F-Melbourne-'HeraldSun'-elevated-a.jpg (35.8 KiB) Viewed 7789 times
171013F-Melbourne-'HeraldSun'-elevated-b.jpg (40.26 KiB) Viewed 7789 times
171013F-Melbourne-'HeraldSun'-elevated-c.jpg (42.6 KiB) Viewed 7789 times
171013F-Melbourne-'HeraldSun'-elevated-d.jpg (49.88 KiB) Viewed 7789 times
171013F-Melbourne-'HeraldSun'-elevated-e.jpg (26.78 KiB) Viewed 7789 times
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