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Tour: Belco50 Celebration Tour-10 September 2016

PostPosted: Sun May 29, 2016 11:41 pm
by RATEC_Canberra
To coincide with the Belco50 street party celebration, Belconnen Community Council has kindly offered to host an enthusiasts tour of Belconnen and surrounds featuring re-enactments of significant bus routes around the Belconnen region and visits to former terminus which are now disued.

Anyone wishing to attend should print a ticket and bring it along on the day, a place will be held on the vehicle for you up to 12:50pm, after that your place will be offered to the general public. There will be one pickup, one set down only, this been Cohen st Bus Station Platform 1 and departure will be 1pm sharp with an estimated completion time of 1800 after this places will be open to the general public, tickets to this event are free, however we do ask for a $5 donation to go toward the restoration of BUS 494 to be paid upon boarding the vehicle.

At this point 49 places have been made availiable, if demand nessesitates we will make more seats availiable through use of a bigger bus or a second bus. Please note we will not be offering standing room on this tour for the comfort of everyone onboard.

Tickets Available From:Eventbrite
More details will be made availiable closer to the date.

Re: Tour: Belco50 Celebration Tour-27 August 2016

PostPosted: Mon Jul 18, 2016 7:43 pm
by RATEC_Canberra
Please note the date of this tour has changed to the 10th of September due to a change in date of the street party this tour will coincide with.

Re: Tour: Belco50 Celebration Tour-10 September 2016

PostPosted: Sat Sep 03, 2016 9:19 pm
by RATEC_Canberra
Just one week till the tour, still plenty of tickets available!

Re: Tour: Belco50 Celebration Tour-10 September 2016

PostPosted: Mon Sep 05, 2016 8:04 pm
by The King of Buses
On behalf of RATEC, I present the itinerary for the Belco50 tour.

Belco50 Enthusiast Tour
10th September 2016

Vehicle: Renault PR100.3a/Austral Denning, BUS.113*
Tickets: - please show these to a tour organiser or one of the drivers upon boarding.
Cost: Minimum $5 donation to the Restoration of BUS.494


1250: Pickup @ Cohen St Bus Station (CSBS), Platform 1
1300: Departure from CSBS (travels via former route 80)
1310: Crisp Cct/Maddison Close SSO stop (then travels via former routes 80 and 71)
1335: Chuculba Cres/Canopus Cres near former Giralang Terminus (then travels via former route 30)
1345: Kaleen Terminus (then travels via former route 31)
1410: City Bus Station (then travels via former route 40)
1440: Fullagar Cres near Old Higgins Interchange (then continues via former route 40)
1455: Macgregor Terminus
1505: Douglas Waterhouse Dr/Branson St
1520: Fraser East Terminus (then travels via routes 14/314/714)
1530: Fraser West Terminus (then travels via former route 46/current 905)
1550: Kippax Centre
1615: Cameron Ave Bus Station (then travels via former route 73)
1630: Burkitt Cres/Bavay Pl (then continues via former route 73)
1640: Springvale Dr (then continues via former route 73)
1700: MEAL BREAK - Belconnen East Layover (Aikman Dr)
1725: Depart from Belconnen East Layover (then continues via former route 460)
1740: Spence Terminus (then continues via former route 413 until Melba Shops)
1815: University of Canberra - Bimbimbie St
1830: Drop off @ Cohen St Bus Station

* : Subject to availability