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Rigs of Rods

Post by Diesel_MAN »

Is anyone else playing the (free) game Rigs of Rods? For those who don't know, it's a physics simulator with a large variety of vehicles, including a fan-made mod for a Mercedes Benz O305 (my favourite mod, although it's not quite like the awesome ones built for the Adelaide O-Bahn).

I'm interested to know if there are any good vehicle or map mods that others are using, and if anyone has had a go at making their own mods for the game. I'd love to create a vehicle and sound mod for the game myself, but I've yet to have any good luck with making a functional sound mod.
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Re: Rigs of Rods

Post by Merc1107 »

I don't "simulate" stuff with this game as much as I use it to stage hilarious stunts and do completely stupid stuff. When they say "soft-body physics," it seems they're serious.

The in-game Renaults have been alright after I made some (probably against the EULA) "modifications" to bring them to Perth standards. The artic, for example:
- Reduced the automatic from 12 gears (what sort of bus has 12 gears?) down to 4, with the ratios 3.0, 2.0, 1.2 and 0.73. Shifts from 2-3 and 3-4 are a bit "thumpy" to say the least.
- Differential has a 4.003 ratio, also played around with 4.203.
- Weight of about 16,000kg.
- Braking power reduced to "1500," means keyboard control isn't a matter of braking = skidding.
- Torque... 10,000nm. Don't know exactly why it needs to be this much, but this seems to make acceleration a bit more accurate. Trying to use a 'factory value' results in absolutely no movement at all. I suspect there is a RoR error causing this.
- 650rpm "minimum RPM," which basically means the bus can crawl along like an auto should, otherwise it revs to over 1,000 before the clutch starts doing anything.
- 1950rpm "maximum RPM," which seems to set the shiftpoint. Redline is calculated from this value.
- Adjustment to ensure 2-axles are driven, which is how things work in Perth Renault Artics. Actually makes the vehicle a bit more stable most of the time/.

Did some similar alterations for the Rigid, with only 3 speeds and maybe a shorter differential ratio. A lot of it was done by "seat of the pants" testing in the game. So it is wildly inaccurate perhaps on paper, but seems reasonable in-game.

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