Aussie Bus Sim?

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Aussie Bus Sim?

Post by barmybill »

Hi All Just wondering if there is a Bus Sim that drives on the left and more attuned to Australia.



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Re: Aussie Bus Sim?

Post by taptap23 »

Hi mate, Well although OMSI 2 comes with a German map and the Double Deck buses which drive's on the right, there is many mods for this wonderful game, aswell as Aussie buses and maps in development!

OMSI 1/2- and ... ge=english

New buses/maps- ... -download/ and ... boardID=31

Manly Map in WIP stages by chuck: ... map-manly/

Aussie buses in WIP:

Hope this helps you mate! :)

If you need anymore help feel free to ask.


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Re: Aussie Bus Sim?

Post by aussiebuses »

Hello Barmybil.

To make some Australian realism to OMSi 1 & 2, there are a variety of buses, mods, repaints and maps to help with that!

Firstly, I will give the Maps:
- Sutton Codfield
- Birmingham
- LHD Grundorf (Winsome)
- Manly (WiP as above)
- Townsend (Located in Nrthn NSW currently WiP)

Secondly buses.
- Dennis Enviro 500
- Dennis Enviro 400
- MB 0405 Left path/Right hand drive
- Dennis Dragon 11m
- Volvo Olympian 12m
- Bustech VST's in Progress by taptap23 and DavidH21 (Both member here)
- Volgren CR221 Family by crazyturbo76 (link is in above post. thegamingworld)
- Renault PR100.2 by Crazyturbo76 again
- Custom Coaches CB50 in progress by myself
- Denning Phoenix Coach by Myself and others

Thirdly, There are some repaints for Australian buses by Steven Foster and Crazyturbo on

I Hope I helped you out in making your game as Aussie as I can make it, I will make up a Australian OMSI package up for you with all these buses and maps etc.

Kind Regards, Jake

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Re: Aussie Bus Sim?

Post by MrNicoster »

I am one of 2 in a game development company and I will leak that we are discussing our next game to be an Aussie PT sim....

That being said, if we do go ahead, it will take at least 6 months before anything publicly playable, most likely more.
Mr Nicoster.

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Re: Aussie Bus Sim?

Post by James00 »

Like a driving sim or like at cities in motion type game?
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