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Omsi 2 Australia

Post by RCMPcop1519 »

Hey there I have recently been getting back into omsi 2 but have been looking for some Aussie bus mods if anyone has any can they please let me know it would be much easier if Aussie EX was still around.

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Re: Omsi 2 Australia

Post by BanksfielderIdiot823 »

Unfortunately, there isn't much in the way of Aussie buses (i.e. Volgren Volvos, Custom Scanias, etc.) available for OMSI 2 at the moment.

For routes on the other hand, I'm not sure if you have this already, but just in case you don't; I've supplied you a link to the fellowsflim website where there is a OMSI map of Sydney's Manly and Forest area (Manly, Terrey Hills, Mosman down to Wynyard) available. It's a fairly detailed map as well, so make sure your computer can take it performance-wise.

The only catch here is you'll need to start an account on Fellowsfilm to be able to download it. But if you want to get a hurry along with it, check the reviews section at the bottom; someone's posted a link that has the file as well.

That one could also comes with bus liveries (I forgot if it did), albeit it's for the UK-spec Mercedes-Benz Citaro which itself should be included.
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