Perth CBD Free Parking Trial

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Perth CBD Free Parking Trial

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Make of this, what you will.
Guardian Express Article wrote:PERTH drivers are set to score an hour of free parking in a bid to revitalise key zones across the city.

First cab off the rank is Royal Street in East Perth, with the 12-month trial to be instituted “immediately”, followed by the “high streets” in Claisebrook and West Perth.

The City of Perth’s commissioners unanimously made the decision on Tuesday night while approving the preliminary budget.

Commissioner Andrew Hammond said the move was a step towards “changing the financial DNA” of the city.

“For too long, our parking revenue has been the tail that wags the dog for the city,” he said.

“Our reliance on parking for revenue needs to stop.”
The lower income from street parking – through both ticket machine revenue and infringements – will be offset by adjustments in this year’s budget.

Both commissioners agreed Royal Street was top priority.

“Blind Freddy can see when you walk along Royal Street there’s not much happening, so anything we can do to make it better is really important,” Mr Hammond said.

Deputy chair commissioner Gaye McMath said the next locations would be guided by city officers, with priority spots guided by commercial vacancy rates.

“We have looked at other local councils and some of their areas where you can see the behaviour of people coming in,” she said.

“We’ve seen the impact that’s had on Subiaco, Victoria Park and Vincent, so we’re confident we’ll be able to identify appropriate areas.”

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Re: Perth CBD Free Parking Trial

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Then next they get to consider how few people would be actually brought into the area after all those parking spaces have filled up compared to what a line of CAT buses brings - plus the issue of increased traffic congestion.
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