WA state budget 2017/18

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WA state budget 2017/18

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transport as usual fared well in the state budget, I've gone through and selected some of the key aspects, most of it relates to Metronet and is nothing we haven't already heard, however what I found most interesting is a new $34 million ticketing system will be introduced by 2020 more or less to replace Smartrider the new ticketing system will allow for the integration of credit/debit and phone payments such as Apple/Android Pay integration similar to ticketing systems used in London & Tokyo the new ticketing system will coincide with the opening of the airport rail link

117 new euro 6 buses to be acquired in 2017/18
METRONET - Railcar Acquisition An additional $322.7 million will be spent between 2017-18 and 2020-21 (and a further $185.5 million beyond the forward estimates period) to procure new Transperth railcars. In total, 102 railcars will be procured to provide for METRONET Stage 1 projects (with funding for planning and construction provided in this Budget) plus spare capacity for when railcars are out of service due to maintenance. The new railcars will be six-car sets, which provide additional passenger capacity compared to the three-car sets currently in operation, the additional 102 railcars are on top of an order for 30 3car sets to be delivered over the next 3 years with an $11 million upgrade to the Nowergup railcar depot
METRONET - Rail Line Planning The Authority will spend $22.1 million across 2017-18 and 2018-19 to undertake planning for the Morley-Ellenbrook rail line and extension of the Armadale line to Byford.
$32 million on replacing the Australind + station upgrades at Yarloop, Cookernup & North Dandalup
level crossing removal at Oats street, Denny Avenue, Wharf Street & Caledonian Avenue,
Mandurah station multi story carpark to be built in 2018-2020 this is depended on funding matched from the federal government

• Transperth passengers’ first experience in accessing Transperth’s fully integrated bus, train and ferry public transport system, is via the Authority’s ticketing system, SmartRider. The SmartRider card and ticketing system has been operational since 2007 and has been highly successful due to its simplicity and quick transaction times. Whilst not readily obvious to passengers, the technology is dated. This Budget provides nearly $34 million to replace the existing SmartRider ticketing system. The new system will take advantage of new technologies which will allow the use of credit and debit cards and smartphone functionalities which will enhance accessibility to services.
• SmartRider System Asset Replacement and Technology Update The Authority will spend $33.8 million over the period 2017-18 to 2019-20 to replace SmartRider system assets and update the technology used by the system. The updated system will introduce the ability to pay with credit and debit cards and smartphones when boarding eg Apple Pay

Swan Transit depot at Mount Claremont for the TransPerth Claremont contract

$2.6 million on a new TransPerth ferry to replace one of the older ageing ferries which will provide spare capacity
METRONET - New Stations and Existing Station Upgrades An additional $54.2 million will be spent over the forward estimates period (and a further $47.1 million beyond 2020-21) on new and existing train stations. Planning will be undertaken for a new station on the Mandurah line at Karnup and for the relocation of the Midland station to the Midland town centre. The Authority will acquire land for the future extension of the Midland line to Bellevue and undertake planning for the Bellevue station. Existing stations will be upgraded to improve disability access, CCTV, lighting, station access and pathways.
The Authority will spend $7.4 million across 2017-18 and 2018-19 to undertake planning and project definition for a future investment in an Automatic Train Control (ATC) system. An ATC system would replace the existing Transperth rail network signalling system and allow increased service frequencies to meet rail demand forecast under long term transport planning.
Forrestfield Airport Link with an $87 million upgrade to Bayswater station
Yanchep rail extension
Thornlie rail extension

Media releases regarding the upgraded Australind service and rollout of automatic train control
https://www.mediastatements.wa.gov.au/P ... nbury.aspx

the new Australind carriages will have Wi-FI, USB charging ports, onboard buffet and upgraded seating as mentioned Yarloop, Cookernup and North Dandalup will receive a DDA upgrade

https://www.mediastatements.wa.gov.au/P ... ntrol.aspx

"The McGowan Labor Government is spending $7.4 million over the next two years on planning for a new signalling system for Perth's urban rail network.

The new automatic train control system will revolutionise the way the Transperth rail network operates, gradually replacing the ageing signalling network with a high-tech automatic digital version.

The new automatic train control (ATC) system will use state-of-the-art technology and enable more trains to travel more often on the existing network.

It will also reduce the number of signals and other trackside equipment on the network, increasing system reliability, making it easier for railcar drivers to monitor signals, and reducing field maintenance requirements.

With ATC, the number of trains the network can carry at any one time will increase by up to 150 per cent.

This will be particularly important as METRONET projects are built, and with patronage on the Transperth network forecast to double by 2031, it is vital to meet the expected demand"

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Re: WA state budget 2017/18

Post by tonyp »

WA seems to have this knack of doing so much with less money. In NSW half the time it seems that an extra zero is added onto those figures!

I wonder whether the new trains will be B series, C series or some hybrid design in between.
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