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Re: Route idea - Black CAT. Point Fraser - Northbridge circu

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For me, I've proposed this idea for that....
Let see how's the feedback regarding for that one...... :o :o
Point Fraser CAT route
Point Fraser CAT route
And here's the stop list for the proposed route
Point Fraser CAT stop list
Point Fraser CAT stop list
Point Fraser CAT stop list.png (24.74 KiB) Viewed 6036 times

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Route Idea - Purple CAT: Perth Busport - East Perth Stn

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I was looking through some CAT ideas and this old thread popped up! So, in reply to Shinjiman's post 1 and a half years ago...
Good idea, it covers some gaps of the current CAT service and forms an eastern North-South CAT connection, together with the central Blue CAT and western Green CAT. However:
  1. Victoria Ave continues through Terrace Rd to Riverside Dr, not Bennett St (although as I understand it, this is a fault on Transperth's part rather than yours).
  2. Unlike current CAT services, there is no direct interchange to another CAT service.
  3. It misses out serving the Claisebrook area by travelling up the Graham Farmer Freeway ramp.
  4. The outer Northbridge loop in parallel with the Blue CAT probably wouldn't have too much use, as the catchment is fairly close to the Blue CAT's and Fitzgerald St is already frequently serviced by the 19, 360-1-2 and 960 corridor.
Perhaps if your route is altered to run (from Newcasle St), L William, L Wellington and R Hill back to follow your route, it would eliminate the un-needed outer Northbridge loop and combined catchment while allowing interchange with the Blue CAT at Horseshoe Bridge (B13) Yellow and Red CATs at Perth Station (Y25/R24) and Yellow CAT along Wellington St. If you were really to connect the Fitzgerald St corridor with the CAT network, it would probably be better to just extend the Blue CAT out to Fitzgerald St.

Now, this brings me to one of my own ideas...
My idea of a Purple CAT would be a loop from East Perth station, ferrying in interstate or regional visitors to Perth Busport. This Purple CAT would operate from Perth Busport, past Watertown, through Northbridge to East Perth station, and then from East Perth, through the actual suburb of East Perth, past Wellington Square and Forrest Place back to Perth Busport. The route map would be (compressed due to file restrictions):
Purple CAT Route
Purple CAT Route
Uncompressed version available from my Flickr:

The uncompressed stop list:
From Perth Busport clockwise
From Perth Busport clockwise
The Purple CAT would depart from Busport stands 5-8 in the DSMS system. The route would provide an alternative to the Yellow CAT, route 28 and routes 81-85 in providing a Perth-Watertown service. The CAT would provide a free service to ferry visitors from the East Perth Terminal around the city. The route also provides a northbound William St service, currently only served by route 60.

The Free Transit Zone would also be extended up Pier and Bulwer Streets around HBF Park, mainly just for visual aid on the map. The SmartRider FTZ for trains, however, will not be extended out to East Perth, in similar fashion to the Green CAT and Leederville Station.

The Purple CAT has direct interchange to the Green CAT at Sutherland St (P3/G9) and to the Yellow CAT along Royal St (Y2/P21-Y3/P22) and Wellington St, from Hill St (Y10/P24) to Forrest Place with the Red CAT (R10/Y14/P28) and again with the Yellow CAT at George St (P2/Y17, stop moved 230 metres south-east from Sutherland St). It fills in a catchment gap in East Perth/Highgate along Summers St and outside Wellington Square along Bennett St.

Some AM peak services would originate from East Perth Station, while some PM peak services would terminate in East Perth. The Red CAT West Perth Loop would be renumbered from 002/4 to 2A, to cater for the Purple CAT utilising route number 4.
Feedback is always appreciated :D
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