Trial of autonomous vehicle (fully electric shuttle bus)

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Re: Trial of autonomous vehicle (fully electric shuttle bus)

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Mr OC Benz wrote:I read somewhere, but can't seem to find the source now, that the RAC Intellibus trial in South Perth has been extended until the end of the year?
Heard this in last week's news myself, so you aren't wrong.
Mr OC Benz wrote:Curtin is the first university in Australia to trial the driverless bus
The maps I've seen of the place certainly make it look big enough for its own bus service.

Try something like that along the "Broadwalk" at Murdoch Uni, and I suspect it'd drive down one of four possible flights of stairs, get into an altercation with a little Suzuki Carryvan or drive into the bush after loosing its GPS reception (such is the poor nature of mobile connections on campus). Alright, I'll shut-up and be serious now. Nothing to see here, folks! :mrgreen:

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Re: Trial of autonomous vehicle (fully electric shuttle bus)

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I'm still receiving invitations to take a ride. Wish I could teleport myself across the country to take advantage of this.

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Re: Trial of autonomous vehicle (fully electric shuttle bus)

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I was fortunate enough this time round to be able to go for a ride on it. Interesting for the experience, but just as I'd imagine it from the reading and research I had already done. I believe the Curtin Uni one is also in operation or close to it. The RAC one will progressively be trialling additional features of the vehicle, alternative routes and adjusted speeds as part of future stages of the trial.

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