READ FIRST: Employees of Bus Operators posting on this board

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READ FIRST: Employees of Bus Operators posting on this board

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Taken from another part of this forum that applies equally here as it does in NSW.

Ken wrote:It has come to my attention from numerous sources that some STA drivers are being confronted about posting on this forum where their identity here is known. It has even been rumoured that one person is on a 'witch hunt' to earn brownie points with management (which from my own experience and that of others is an all too frequent occurrence in the organisation).

The purpose of posting this message is so STA drivers who post here are aware that their comments here may be scrutinised by your management should your identity be known (this also applies to employees of any other bus or transport company). It particularly concerns comments which casts their employer in a less than positive way.

Following are some suggestions:
  • Be aware that this is a public forum and messages can be read by anyone including your employer
  • Be cautious about indicating on your profile on this forum that you work for a particular transport company
  • Do not publicise your username on this forum to your employer or other employees, without being aware of the consequences
  • Do not post comments about your employer which are of a negative manner or can be regarded as confidential information or information that may not be available to the public.
  • Note that STA and most other companies have rules regarding employees releasing company information or speaking to the media (posting comments on an internet forum may possibly be construed to be 'speaking to the media')
  • If you have something of interest which you wish to share on this forum but are not certain about whether you should post it or not, then perhaps pass the information onto someone else (who is not an employee) to post

Note that ATDB adminstrators do not divulge information about users. From the board guidelines: "Any information we may hold about you remains confidential and will only be released in the case of serious breaches of the board guidelines or a complaint/enquiry from an ISP or legal representatives".

If anyone has any comments on this matter they are welcome to post publicly or contact me privately.


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