MAN SL200 Goverened?

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MAN SL200 Goverened?

Post by Azzmack »

I've searched the forum and found that a few people over the years have the same issue as me - my mk1 sl200 with 3sp Renk transmission tops out at about 83km/hr on the hwy. I assumed that I would have to alter diff ratios to increase top speed (to the detriment of take off speed), however a guy who used to work on these at National Bus said he thought they were governed to 80km and that this could be altered with the correct knowhow.
So I'm really hoping someone might know how...


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Re: MAN SL200 Goverened?

Post by man mk1 »

whats the old fleet number u have mate

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Re: MAN SL200 Goverened?

Post by Keyesy06 »

It's prob a long shot but any luck with this.

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Re: MAN SL200 Goverened?

Post by boronia »

Does it have a rev meter?

It could be governed at the fuel pump. A diesel mechanic could adjust it to give a few more revs.
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Re: MAN SL200 Goverened?

Post by funbus »

They cannot be altered unless a diff change is performed. The 3 speed renk gearbox still is not a big fan of 100 km diffs.
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Re: MAN SL200 Goverened?

Post by PoweredByCNG »

Most SL 200s in Australia were fitted with a 5.22:1 diff centre, allowing a top speed of approximately 87 km/h at 2,200 rpm. To be able to travel at 100 km/h, you will need at least a 4.768:1 diff centre (preferably a 4.64:1 or 4.203:1). Good luck finding one though as they were never popular with the city bus operators either here or overseas, and if you do end up finding a 4.203:1 diff centre, expect the bus to be undriveable on anything but the flattest terrain when combined the low horsepower engine and the Renk gearbox.
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Re: MAN SL200 Goverened?

Post by letnerjo »

Have to agree with PoweredByCNG. These buses were designed for city life and will mostly likely do 80-85 km/h. Replacing the diff can set off new problems you might have to deal with in the future.

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