Accidents, how many can you have?

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Accidents, how many can you have?

Post by pablo »


I'm very new to buses, can anyone shed some light as to how many accidents you can have whilst working for different operators...

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Re: Accidents, how many can you have?

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It is advisable not to have any, esp if they are your fault.
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Re: Accidents, how many can you have?

Post by captainch »

In 50 years of driving trams & buses ive had 3 fatal accidents none my fault.& prob, about 15 accidents in volving cars & trucks running into me,..............I had a trainee driver who had 4 accidents on his first day all his cannot predict what is going to happen as you leave the depot! its in the hands of the bus god in that depot up in the sky!

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Re: Accidents, how many can you have?

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Many track operators it is three at fault per year and you're gone, which I personally think is a fair, reasonable, and transparent policy.
Others it depends on the severity of the accident. A broken mirror may be overlooked while a an at fault accident injuring someone may result in immediate dismissal.
Coaches are generally held to a higher standard as the expectation is that they be immaculate at all times.

I agree with captainch, you never know what's going to happen on any given day. But a professional driver will at all times drive in a manner to be prepared to avoid accidents.

Fewer accidents is always better.
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