Looking for ops in transport planning and urban design

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Looking for ops in transport planning and urban design

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Hi All,
I'm an architect and urban designer. For the past 3+ years I've had the pleasure of working on a great Light Rail project in Jerusalem - Israel.
I'm returning home to Australia in August and would appreciate help in finding opportunities for employment within transport planning and urban design sectors.
My expertise is in the integration and planning of mass-transit (specifically LRT) within existing and difficult urban fabric. integration with streetscapes, walkability, feasibility and weighing alternatives etc.
I would appreciate it if you took a look at my Portfolio and suggested companies in Adelaide or Melbourne that would suit, or if you know of specific openings that would be great of course.

Many Thanks


Portfolio:https://issuu.com/travelorr/docs/160324 ... _portfolio
Website: http://www.orrchitect.com/
Architect + Urban Designer specialising in LRT and Mass-Transit insertion and integration

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