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Greyhound Australia

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Have just signed up to this forum today in hope someone might be able to give me general information about becoming a coach driver for Greyhound Australia.

Firstly I have gone through the current EBA effective 2/04/2015 and from what I can see the drivers are on an aggregate wage meaning all their penalty loadings despite what hours they work in a day/night or weather they work a public holiday or not or a weekend shift are all included in the one hourly rate of $27.69 going up slightly for the coming years?

Can anyone who perhaps works for Greyhound get in contact with me, happy for an open discussion or if you would prefer to disclose privately your welcome to message me. Just wanting to know an approx. income on a weekly or fort nightly basis before I consider the move from where I am now.

Not currently in the industry but have had many years experience and looking and coming back.

Thanks ... 414037.pdf

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