Bus Driving Career

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Bus Driving Career

Post by DannyB007 »

I am thinking about applying for a job as a bus driver with Ventura Bus Lines. I am in the process of getting my MR truck license at a driving school. Can anyone tell what the work conditions are like for bus drivers in Melbourne? Do drivers have to work split shifts, long hours?. Is bus driving as dangerous and stressful as being a Taxi driver? :)

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Re: Bus Driving Career

Post by V981 »

Hi there,

Not all companies have split shifts, and if you end up working for Ventura, split shifts aren't currently in place in most of their depots.

In relation to hours, you will probably work long hours on some days, with shifts often ranging between 9 to 11 hours. A lot will depend on which roster you eventually choose to go onto, but initially, you will generally start as a "relief driver" in which the company will utilise you as required. This will mean that one week you might be doing early starts, say 4am and 5am starts, and then the following week you might be on the afternoon roster. At some point down the track, at most depots you will get to choose a roster that best suits your personal preferences.

Driver safety has been a controversial subject of late, however I still believe bus driving is quite a safe profession, particularly if you conduct yourself professionally. In the 10 years I have been driving buses, I have only ever seen drivers assaulted who ultimately inflamed the situation through their own actions. The company will most likely include dealing with difficult customers within its induction training. The key is not to let anything get to you too much. The occasional passenger will have a go at you, but you should learn to let it go.
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Re: Bus Driving Career

Post by Cooper123 »

remember, if you wants to apply for this position then you should do a complete market research before doing that and you also have to be very good and experienced in driving

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