1977 Toyota Coaster-Converted&Registered in WA moving to VIC

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1977 Toyota Coaster-Converted&Registered in WA moving to VIC

Post by Torirosaleen »

Hi everyone,

I hope I’m in the right place and I hope someone can help. I’m looking at buying and already converted Toyota Coaster 4x4 conversion. It’s registered in WA as a motorhome. The problem is I live in VIC and will be there for 6 months before I set off around the country.

I know that WA is probably the most laid back when it comes to vehicles so I’m worried about what they are going to need/want in VIC for it to be registered/pass roadworthy.

Can anyone tell me what the process will be please.

All help/advice is much appreciated

Tori R

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Re: 1977 Toyota Coaster-Converted&Registered in WA moving to

Post by Jeffscania »

Hi there, you will require a Roadworthy certificate in Vic, an engineers report if the vehicle has not been properly certified or had modifications relating to seating or anything structural (Check for Modified Compliance plate) a gas compliance certificate from a licensed plumber. An electrical safety certificate will most likely be requested before a RWC is issued

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