Older bus to motorhome conversions

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Isuzu Dave
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Older bus to motorhome conversions

Post by Isuzu Dave »

Firstly hello everyone and in advance thank you for any feedback.
Secondary if I am posting in the wrong spot my apologies.
Now I brought a bus which I have been working on a 1990 LT111P isuzu semi coach bus, converting to a motorhome.
I know I need VASS in Victoria along with electrical and plumbing certificates.
I suppose I am looking for feedback to see if I am wasting my time with the way heavy vehical registration and conversions are especially working with a pre polution desiel engine bus.
I am not rolling in cash hence I am converting myself as much as possible the model chosen was done so with the idea it used less fuel then the newer busses, it was well in my price range and parts for the engine are easily obtained as they fitted the engine to trucks, 4wd, and buses.
All feedback is helpful

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Re: Older bus to motorhome conversions

Post by ax8 »

Not wasting your time at all, Isuzu is a good bus and there are many older buses out there being converted.

I was converting a 1981 model Bedford with an Isuzu 6bg1 powering it but have now upgraded to a 1992 Scania K93 coach, under floor storage bins make the conversion a bit easier.

Good luck with the conversion, it's a big job but look at it like lots of small jobs, one at a time.

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Re: Older bus to motorhome conversions

Post by Jeffscania »

Hello there, firstly welcome!
Old school ISUZU's are very tough, good to work on easy and reliable! However.... a lot goes into making a bus into a Motorhome. The basis is really important. You really need belly bins, a bus that can sit comfortably on 100kph all day.
A rear engine and adequate head room inside. Those ISUZU's are usually more of a track bus and not well suited to a Motorhome.
The Vass side is not a big problem really.
Nor is any pollution controls when converting to a Motorhome.
Some items to note though...
As a Motorhome it must have an opening outward entry door.
As a medium or heavy rigid it must have a vertical exhaust stack.

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