1974 Denning No 480 history

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1974 Denning No 480 history

Post by jennykelly »

I have a 1974 Denning No 480 - single axle. It was owned by Campbell's Coaches Townsville in 1989 thru to 1999 (I bought it in 1999 from Campbell's) - they may have owned it longer than this, I don't know. I have inspection papers from Campbell's Coaches verifying these dates. I also have a Report of Examination of Vehicle document dated 12/07/74 with the owner as Starliner Coaches Pty Ltd, Cairns. I have no information on who owned it between these dates. I tried to get some information on Starliner Coaches Pty Ltd but could not find anything.
Hoping someone may know something about Starliner Coaches and also the missing info on who owned it prior to 1989.

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Re: 1974 Denning No 480 history

Post by bjg154 »

Hi Mick
Denning 480 was new to Starliner Coaches, which in 1974 was owned by Bernie Best. Its original registration has never been reported, so if it appears on any documents that you have, please let us know. Fred Carah purchased Starliner around the middle of 1978.
The next reported owner was Campbell's of Mount Isa, with an early 1987 re-registration to 924 PUR. By the end of 1989 it had been reported at Campbell's Townsville operation. As you probably know, the Qld registration expired or was cancelled on 15/6/1999.
Can you advise the current rego of your coach, and on what date you registered it, to round out its history?

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