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Gear selector repairs - advice needed

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Gear selector repairs - advice needed

Postby Graemmo » Thu Apr 05, 2018 8:40 pm

Hi All,

My motorhome is converted from a rear-engined bus (Nissan UD RB30R, 1984).

One of the issues it has, that I'd appreciate any advice on, is the gear selector linkages are very worn. Basically the bits between the manual gear stick and the metal tube that transfers the selection movement to the gearbox at the rear, including some universal joints along the way. I can drive it fine because I know where the gears are, but I'm nervous about the possibility of something breaking and then not being able to select anything at all.

My mechanic says the gearbox itself is fine, the clutch and engine are fine, both rebuilt prior to my ownership.

Any suggestions on options?
Anyone know / recommend someone who could potentially have a look and give some advice?
My preference would be to repair the linkages but parts appear to be essentially unavailable and I haven't found this model wrecking anywhere either. I'd consider pulling it apart and having the components rebuilt, I'd also consider a new gearbox if it comes to that.

I'm in South Sydney area.

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