History of State Transit bus 3035

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History of State Transit bus 3035

Post by Mercedes3035 »

Hi all. I am doing a project and it involves doing research of ex. State Transit, Mercedes 0305 PMC MkIV: 3035.

Details I know so far include:
Built - 4/87
Delivered new to Burwood
Withdrawn in 2011 from L
Sold to unknown

Does anyone have any pictures of this bus, dates of refurbishments, accidents, general history and its current status? Anything would be much appreciated. Fleetlists has been somewhat helpful but too vague to help me.


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Re: History of State Transit bus 3035

Post by LB608 »

9/2011 Manheim Auctions Moorebank
Sold to?
22/9/2012 For Sale on eBay Austral
Motor Home Mittagong
2/3/2016 For Sale on Gumtree
9/3/2016 For Sale on eBay
The only reason it is vague is because people like you & I don't pass information on,Fleetlists can only put in what they are told

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