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Mobitec Info Edit (MIE) Mobitec ZEdit Advice Please (ASAP)

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Mobitec Info Edit (MIE) Mobitec ZEdit Advice Please (ASAP)

Postby Sydney_Buses_CB60 » Sun Jun 11, 2017 12:42 pm


I have been trying to download a program to recreate destos, mostly of the current Northern Beaches (Region 8, State Transit) Routes, as they a lot will be scrapped when the B-Line opens, so I want to recreate them so that they will forever be remem... "Charlie-Bravo-6-0, Please expedite the topic back to your issue"

So, when I go to the page on Mobitec's website about getting Mobitec Info Edit (MIE), it has no link to download the god damn program from, which is proving to be immensely irritating
( :x ), so does anyone know either where I can download it (SAFELY) what the problem is please? I have read that MIE can be very difficult to use... which it apparently IS...

So everyone has said (From what I've read) that the "solution" is Mobitec ZEdit. I followed a link someone posted to download Mobitec ZEdit and it brought me back to that trolling scumbag of a website, Mobitec's Website, and everything was in Brazillian. Easy fix, just pressed Translate when Google Chrome asked and it did just that. Here's the problem - IT SAYS PAGE NOT FOUND ( :evil: TRIGGERED :evil: ) which in turn made me very salty at that point :? :roll: since I am probably going to go with Mobitec ZEdit since everyone claims that it's easier to use which is my selling point.

If anyone has a solution to these problems, but specifically the Mobitec ZEdit Issue, can you please reply ASAP as your help would make my life a lot easier right now and it would be greatly appreciated, as always!


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