1986 Scania K92 Newnham

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1986 Scania K92 Newnham

Post by wayno77 »

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I recently bought this bus at auction, sadly no service records or books came with it. Its a 1986 Newnham with a 9L Diesel

I believe its an old MET bus going on the old tickets I found under the back seat, it was also used in Port Pirie SA as it has their name in sign writing on the side. It was retired a few years ago once it hit 30 years and sat around unstarted in the yard for a few years. Picked it up pretty cheap at auction, currently 813k on the odo. Will be converting to motorhome.

Was wondering if anyone could help me out with information, manuals, service records etc old pictures of it in service ????

any help muchly appreciated

thx Wayne

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Re: 1986 Scania K92 Newnham

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Living in the Shire.

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Re: 1986 Scania K92 Newnham

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Hi there, is your Scania Auto?

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