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High-speed rail to Mt Barker?

Adelaide / South Australia Transport Discussion

High-speed rail to Mt Barker?

Postby Roderick Smith » Wed Feb 14, 2018 12:13 pm


SA transport expert Luigi Rossi proposes $1bn superfast train from Adelaide to Mt Barker
Adelaide 'Advertiser' February 13, 2018.
A SUPERFAST rail link from Adelaide to Mt Barker would relieve travel woes for motorists, capitalise on tourism and prepare for population growth, according to a South Australian transport expert.
Former senior Transport Department bureaucrat Luigi Rossi, who has guided some of the state’s biggest infrastructure projects, has proposed a $1 billion fast rail connecting the city to the Hills, taking just 22 minutes and reaching a maximum speed of 160km/h.
Mr Rossi was part of a panel of project proponents to speak at Mount Barker Council on Monday night about the renaissance of rail as Hills population grows and the South Eastern Freeway nears its capacity.
“Mt Barker is expected to grow from 15,000 residents to 40,000 residents over the next 25 years, which is quite a significant challenge,” Mr Rossi told the meeting.
“Also recognising the South Eastern Freeway is nearing capacity and has limited opportunity and ability to deal with challenges ahead.
“Solutions to deal with the Portrush/Cross roads intersection are also very significant ranging from $350-$450 million, let alone what you’re going to do with Glen Osmond Rd or the rest of the road network to accommodate more traffic.”
Mr Rossi said the fast rail public transport system offered a “holistic solution to a challenging problem”.
“We see this as far more than a just a public transport project; we see this driving economic growth, housing affordibility and lifestyle', he said.
Only about three stations would be serviced on this track, with travel times expected to be 18 minutes for express to approximately 22 minutes.
The track could then be extended in later stages to Strathalbyn, Victor Harbor, Goolwa and Murray Bridge.
Engineer and project proponent Edwin Michell told the meeting: “This is a very achievable engineering project and well within the capability of what has been achieved already in Australia and even in South Australia”.
Mr Michell said some land acquisitions might be required throughout Brownhill Creek for this option, but an initial analysis showed this would not include houses.
The council will consider funding a feasibility study for the project in the next two months.
Two options were proposed for a rail link to Mt Barker, the first option was to use the existing rail corridor from Belair to Mt Barker and remove freight trains.
This would cost $50-$ 100 million, or an a track upgrade to allow for faster tilting trains would cost $250-$300 million but speeds would be restricted because of bends in the route.
The best travel time for this option would be 50 minutes, but it would be reliant on the Northern Freight Bypass being completed.
The second and more beneficial option, according to the panel, was for a new 160k1n/hr rail corridor to deviate after Mitcham station and follow Brownhill Creek, including construction of viaducts.
The South Eastern Freeway’s median strip would then be used from Stirling via a train flyover right through to Mt Barker, costing in total about $1 billion.
On 709 votes, 89% for; 11% against.
• New 1200-student school for Mount Barker.
• Campaign to reinstate SA’s regional rail network.
• Mt Barker shaping up as next development hot spot.
www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-austr ... 8869ba275b
Roderick Smith
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Re: High-speed rail to Mt Barker?

Postby Skexis » Wed Feb 14, 2018 11:30 pm

Rail links to Mt Barker have cropped up in conversations on Railpage. IIRC one of the main problems with a revised rail corridor are the long tunnels that would be required and how to deal with the exhaust from the diesel freight locomotives that would pass through them (bear in mind some trains have multiple locos). Not sure there'd be a case to lay a new rail link whilst leaving the freight to meander along it's current route
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Re: High-speed rail to Mt Barker?

Postby Tim Williams » Thu Feb 15, 2018 8:25 am

The main problem with this is simply money - the cost would be enormous and despite the population growth in the area, buses can and do cope with the current and projected transport needs.

This is one of these un-costed and unfunded “pie in the sky” proposals that is trotted out on a regular basis especially around election times.

I was involved in working with Dept of Transport to provide the replacement bus service (Briscoes) for the withdrawal of rail services to Bridgewater and passenger numbers were modest. The area has grown considerably since then, but so have the bus services, including the use high capacity buses. The buses provide flexibity to surrounding areas at a modest cost, compared to rail and even with extensive and expensive tunneling, rail would be lucky do equal current bus times.
Tim Williams
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Re: High-speed rail to Mt Barker?

Postby Eurostar » Thu Feb 15, 2018 3:19 pm

A busway under Glen Osmond Road between Eastwood and the Tollgate would work out cheaper than the trainline down middle of freeway. Even with bus lanes on Adelaide Road, would be cheap.
Next station is Victoria Square. Change here for all trains.
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Re: High-speed rail to Mt Barker?

Postby TA3001 » Thu Feb 15, 2018 8:08 pm

Buses can't do 200+ kph in service though, especially the NL232s. Commuters will still succumb to the temptation to drive.

The existing T840 and 840X is about the best you'll get regarding travel time. A high speed train would reduce the numbers of commuters from the hills by a tiny little bit, but may also have a negative effect on income from fuel and other revenue sources etc, fines not excluded.

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Re: High-speed rail to Mt Barker?

Postby Tim Williams » Thu Feb 15, 2018 11:11 pm

Have you really considered the practical side of this?? We can't even afford to electrify the Gawler line. Do dream on, but this massive Hills project has little or no chance of happening.

The current bus services do a top job and spending billions on trains (if we had the money) doesn't guarantee getting people out of cars!

So, go to sleep and think of other things!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tim Williams
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