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Adelaide / South Australia Transport Discussion


Postby Bodø Glimt » Sat Feb 11, 2017 11:39 pm

Eurostar wrote:In 2001 716 timetable it mentions in the route description a road called New Honeypot Road, Honeypot Road. I gather New Honeypot Road is the part leading off of Goldsmith Drive

Yes. Old Honeypot Road is down towards River Road.
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Postby paulgersche » Sat Apr 29, 2017 11:24 pm

Hi, everyone.

Is there a list available somewhere of which private bus operators operated Sunday morning services on behalf of the MTT in the 70's?

Can you also shed some light as to why the MTT did not run the services themselves?


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Postby leyland4ever » Sun May 07, 2017 9:29 pm

Hello Paul,

I was hoping someone else might have a go at this - I've not taken much interest in the subject.

I remember Worthleys operated the Glenelg via Anzac Highway Sunday morning route, and Morphetts (the Churchill Road Morphetts, not the Port-Glenelg one) the Largs/Semaphore via Port Road, but I think others companies did them at different times.

I can't remember which other routes were operated by privates, but I'm pretty sure there are more than two.

The MTT did quite a number - Kilkenny via Torrens Road, Springfield/Glen Osmond, Unley, Kensington Gardens.

Until the early 1950s, double deck vehicles, including open top Garfords were used, meaning a conductor was required. Unley, Kensington Gardens etc were the only tram destination signs on the double deckers - otherwise they had only signs for the Anzac Highway routes, trolley bus routes, and feeder bus routes.

One-man Regal 111s did most of the Sunday am routes in the 1950s, then one-man three door buses after that.

I recall that the MTT took over the private Sunday routes some time in the 1970s, but not sure just when.

Of course, Sunday morning became part of a normal timetable, I think in the early 1980s.

It originated way back when the longtime General Manager, Sir William Goodman, decreed that trams were not to operate on Sundays before midday (City of Churches and all that!)

Apparently, as late as 1979, the STA was reluctant to operate a Sunday morning service on the Glenelg line as a special one-off on the occasion of the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the line. They got round it by running it as a charter trip, and allowing only invited guests on board!

MTT Annual Reports would probably list the operators of these services - I'll dig out a few and have a look, although I don't have many past the early 1960s


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Postby Madbus » Mon May 08, 2017 6:32 pm

how about the 747?
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Postby Madbus » Mon May 08, 2017 6:42 pm

The Mayor wrote:Here are the answers:

:arrow: No such service as Route 775. Never has been either... well not in Adelaide.

:arrow: Route 490 was re-numbered Route 228 on 9th March 1986. It commenced from Kintore Avenue (adjacent War Memorial) and ran via current route to the terminus @ Baker Street, Elizabeth Downs.

The terminal @ Baker Street is still clearly visible.

route 775 does exist, it goes from Sheidow Park to Woodcroft College. But it's mostly a school route. https://adelaidemetro.com.au/routes/775
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Postby jibb » Mon May 08, 2017 7:51 pm

School Route numbers like 775 were only introduced in January 2016.
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Postby Lt. Commander Data » Wed May 10, 2017 11:38 pm

bus and train boffin wrote:how about the 747?

Here is the basic gist of the 747 (and later 745), taken from Documents prepared by D G Evans (edited slightly by me to flow a bit better for use on here), passed on to me by a friend.

On the 21st of August, 1989, the STA commenced mbs (motorbus service) as Route 747 from terminal (facing S) at Zone C at Noarlunga Centre Interchange via David Witton Dr, Burgess Dr, Goldsmith Dr, *Liguria Cr, Liguria Cr, Barcelona Rd, Huntingdale Rd, Manica Av, Lydiate Rd, Marelle Way & Barcelona Rd to temporary terminal N from Marelle Way (NOARLUNGA DOWNS) rv Barcelona Rd.

Operated only bet c. 0600 & 1900 h Mon-Fri with c. 40 min headway during peak periods & 60 min headway interpeak.

Bet c. 0830 & 1900 h, extended from Noarlunga Centre Interchange via David Witton Dr & Hannah Rd (clockwise) to terminal (facing W) at Zone F at Colonnades SC rv Hannah Rd, left David Witton Dr & Noarlunga Centre Interchange.

On the 22nd of August, 1992, Sat service introduced: c. 60 min headway bet c. 0730 & 1830 h: up buses extended to Colonnades SC bet c. 0900 & 1700, down buses operated from Colonnades SC bet c. 1300 & 1700 h.

From the 22nd of November, 1993, Rerouted from Barcelona Rd via Huntingdale Rd, Manica Av, Perry Rd, River Rd, Patapinda Rd, Main South Rd, Griffiths Dr & Grand Boulevard to terminal N from Dalkeith Rd then via Grand Boulevard, circle roundabout at Grand Boulevard/Dalkeith Rd & Grand Boulevard to up terminal opp S entrance to SC (SEAFORD RISE) rv Grand Boulevard.

From the 11th of August, 1996, it was extended to form loop with former Noarlunga Centre-Seaford-Moana (Route 745). Buses operated thus:

• Route 745 (anticlockwise) - from Noarlunga Centre Interchange (Zone A - facing S) via David Witton Dr, David Witton Rd, Beach Rd, Dyson Rd, Murray Rd, Gawler St, Saltfleet St, Commercial Rd, Fremantle Rd, Kalgoorlie Av, Cliff Av, Norseman St, Aldam Rd, Quadrant Tc, Helmsman Tc, Esplanade, Nashwauk Cr, Dalkeith Rd, left Grand Boulevard, The Parade, Commercial Rd, Griffiths Dr, Main South Rd & former Route 747 to Noarlunga Centre Interchange.

• Route 747 (clockwise) - from Noarlunga Centre Interchange (Zone A - facing S) via former Route 747 to Main South Rd then via Griffiths Dr, Grand Boulevard, The Parade, Commercial Rd, Griffiths Dr, Grand Boulevard, right Dalkeith Rd, Nashwauk Cr, Esplanade & reverse of Route 745 to Dyson Rd then via Goldsmith Dr & David Witton Dr to Noarlunga Centre Interchange.

Operated only bet c. 0500 & 2000 h Mon-Fri and bet c. 0630 & 1900 h Sat. Bet c. 0810 & 1930 h Mon-Fri and bet c. 0845 & 1700 h Sat extended from Noarlunga Centre Interchange via David Witton Dr & Hannah Rd to Colonnades SC: buses turned by circling roundabout at Hannah Rd/Alexander Kelly Dr

That was the last major reroute. Sunday services were introduced on the 30th of Spetember, 2001. Since then there have been the normal time changes and minor reroutes, with the changes at Noarlunga probably being the most recent.

Hope that was informative.
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Postby torrens117 » Tue May 16, 2017 9:58 pm

Looking for information on the original West Lakes loop services. WL1, WL2, WL3, WL4.
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Postby Eurostar » Wed May 17, 2017 10:27 pm

old post:
the WL1, WL2, WL3 and WL4. I have no idea of dates, so someone else can fill those bits in if they know.

Back in the late 70's or early 80's, the (then) Woodville Council commenced a community bus called "Woodline". It ran 5 days a week and fed major centres around the Woodville Council, such as West Lakes Shopping Centre, Arndale, QEH, Woodville Town Hall and Council Chambers, Target Fulham Gardens and Welland Shopping Centre. The Charles Sturt Council Library may have a timetable if you want to look at it. It operated as a loop service and it had a different route for each day of the week. It ran in both directions and you may be able to find some old Woodline Stops around if you know where to look.

In the early 90's, the Council decided not to run this service anymore, so (I think it was at the time) TransAdelaide took over some of these services.

WL1 and WL2 (I cannot remember which ones ran what way) ran a loop service from West Lakes, following the current J7 route to Port Rd, then detoured to Woodville Station, Woodville Rd, Findon Rd, Henley Beach Rd, Tapleys Hill Rd, Trimmer Parade, Sportsman Drive to get back to West Lakes. WL3 and WL4 (one was the reverse of the other, and now called 374) ran through the more popular areas of the backstreets of the Woodline to service from Kidman Park to West Lakes. Other than route number, the WL3/WL4/374 has not changed in over 15 years, other than the times it runs.

Also, at this time, the 370 (now the Arndale to West Lakes leg of the 231) was created. Other than timetable changes, it still follows the same route.

At some stage round the late 90's or early 00's, the WL1 and WL2 ceased to operate. It was cut back to terminate at Henley Beach Road and called 373. It followed the exact route of the WL1/WL2 though the back streets of Woodville to service Woodville Railway Station. From memory, the residents of the streets of Lockleys (where the bus turned around) complained that the bus was too noisy going down their street!

Around this time, the Henley Beach Rd and Tapleys Hill Rd leg of the WL1/WL2 was taken over by the 134. This has now changed. The 134 has become the 138 and is covering the old 286 leg from Tapleys Hill Rd to Henley Beach. The 286 has become the 288 and covers from Valetta Rd/Tapleys Hill Rd to West Lakes.

At a time unknown to me, the 373 was extended to be called 347X. It ceased to cover the back streets of Woodville and went down Port Rd (like the J7 does now) and, after turning left onto Henley Beach Rd, it continued down Henley Beach Rd and turned right onto Marion Rd, then right onto Mooringe Avenue and followed the current J7 route to Flinders University. It ran express from the Tramline to Marion because, at the time, it could not compete with the Serco routes of 246/247/248. I think it ran limited stops from Marion to FMC and Flinders Uni.

When TT took over the Serco routes, the 347 became all stops.

And, again, at a time I have no idea of, the 347 became the J7 and detoured to the airport along it's current route.

So, this is why the J7 covers Morley Rd in Seaton! All started from the old Woodline community bus!

Bus stops only appeared on Morley Rd and Findon Rd when the 347X commenced. The WL1, WL2 and 373 were all "Hail & Ride" services. The 374 remains a "Hail & Ride" service.

If you want dates, someone else might be able to help. Dates of changes are not my thing! Someone may have a copy of the Woodline timetable if the Library does not.
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Postby The Phonj » Thu May 18, 2017 9:18 pm

Interesting to consider the number of changes that have occurred that post was created.
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Postby mmosca447 » Fri Jul 14, 2017 8:57 am

Hey, if anyone was available to give me some history of the 645 that would be fantastic. Thanks
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Postby homer9000 » Mon Nov 13, 2017 5:29 am

what I am keen to know a lot about are the histories of the 178,179,576,577's and why the latter three were scrapped.I am sure and this is well before Torrens Transit and now Light City Buses even came into existence how TORRENS AND SERCO Were allowed to compete indirectly for passengers in the ATHELSTONE area as they all went via different paths from memory but not the present operators.the 576/577 was essentially except for the fact it was no longer through linked with the 171/172 like the old 176/177 but started from currie st in the city and went from there along grenfell st,rundle road,hackney rd and some other road then via the o'bahn to klemzig and paradise then via road the rest of the way similar to what we see these days with the present day 178 and H30's and the 579 for the majority of it's routing.
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