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Ownership Of Photos

New Zealand Photos, Videos, Sound Clips etc.

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Ownership Of Photos

Postby Trolley Bus Racer » Sat Mar 07, 2009 10:07 pm

It has also come to my attention that persons are posting photos that they do not own nor have permission to do so

If you do not own the photo nor have permission to post it DO NOT POST IT.
Send the person a email, most people will let you post it just as long as there name is beside it. But please ask them first.

Persons who do not obey this will be warned and if said person still doesnt co operate they will be banned!

I will also take this chance to remind everyone about the 820 x 600 pixel photo dimension limit, and that no more than 10 pictures per thread / post are to made, Offending Posts will be removed completely

Again if you have any issues or you think your post was removed Wrongly please feel Free to PM me or one of the lovely admin (Im on most nights, so i rather you to contact me)


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