Before Posting Photos Plase Read this!

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  • No more than 10 photos per post with a maximum of 50 in any one page in a thread.
  • Maximum photo width 1000 pixels.
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  • Thank you :)
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Before Posting Photos Plase Read this!

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With the slow but constant stream of NZ bus enthusiasts joining I must remind you of these rules when posting photos...... I will start to crack down on this, hopefully Fleetlists doesn't mind me copying and pasting the rules...

Photos to be no larger than 820 pixels WIDE (Thats Left to right of the screen)
• Enforced limit of only 10 photos no larger than 300kb per photo per thread. Any additional photos must be only shown through a hyperlink.
• Appropriate captions are required with all photos.
• Members are asked to limit how many photo’s they post to a reasonable quantity. Administrators reserve the right to limit the amount of photo’s a member posts if needed to encourage and ensure a broad range of photo’s are posted.
• Photo's should be of some relevance to the topic
• Decent Quality photos only, i.e. no out of focus photos should be posted.

Where more than 10 photos are posted, they exceed 300Kb in size or where they are of particularly poor quality, the excess photos or poor quality photos will be removed.

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Re: Before Posting Photos Plase Read this!

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Another good program for photo editing is Irfanview. ( or see Filehippo. It is a free download, so don't be conned!) This can re-size and compress photos to any size, adjust "washed out" photos, convert .bmp to .jpg, etc. Another rule I recall being added that I think should be enforced, is no crappy little photos off phone cameras. If you can't post a desent image at a viewable size, don't bother at all! I for one want to be able to see basic detail quite clearly in photos. :-)
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Re: Before Posting Photos Plase Read this!

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Has been moved although the more relevant parts are already included in the heading of each post.
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