Ansett airport bus in 1974

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Roderick Smith
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Ansett airport bus in 1974

Post by Roderick Smith »

740830F Gove (NT). Piper 300 VH-PDG; MMA bus. (Roderick Smith)
This is a small crop from a photo scanned for aircraft groups. I don't know how many chassis types Ansett used; surely the body would be Ansair?

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor
740830F-GG17-Gove-Piper300-VH-PDG-MMAbus-RSmith-sss.jpg (191.35 KiB) Viewed 17688 times

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Re: Ansett airport bus in 1974

Post by burrumbus »

Thanks for the shot Roderick.Definately an Ansair body.Most likely a Ford chassis.Cheers.

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