Various buses & coaches in Darwin. (2013)

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Re: Various buses & coaches in Darwin. (2013)

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Picture 4 the old Ford looks a sad sight pictures 2 & 3 the ex Mc Cafferty`s Denning looks bit rough.
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Re: Various buses & coaches in Darwin. (2013)

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the second and third photo shows a really nice bus that looks like the style I like – a little wild and rough but cool! But I also really admire the "Ride The Croc Bus"! It's my absolute favorite in the whole country! I've also found a really nice old school looking model in this article about public transport in Darwin (It's in German (I am from Germany) but I would like to show you the first and the third photo in there): ... in_1023005. You can also see a photo of the good old "Ride The Croc Bus" and the third photo that shows a really nice classical busdesign which I also like. Especially in Darwin the classical bus fits good into the environment. But of course, tase is just personal.


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