Pre busway 330/333/340 maps??

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Pre busway 330/333/340 maps??

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From memory, I am pretty sure the 333 started from the stop at end of Adelaide St, the same one the 345 was at, before the busway was completed. Not sure about the 330 and 340 though, I have a vague memory of seeing a 330 in Queen St sometime in early 2008. It would be awesome if someone could post a map from 2002-04 :D

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Re: Pre busway 330/333/340 maps??

Post by ABS »

333 used to start and finish at Queen Street bus station A10 (now removed) prior to the construction of the King George Square station. It didn't exist before the Inner Northern Busway.

330/340 used to start and finish at Cultural Centre station via Queen Street and Spring Hill (same Spring Hill alignment as 331 and 341). ... North.html

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