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New 2018 Translink Fares on 22/1/2018.

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New 2018 Translink Fares on 22/1/2018.

Postby superbossgc » Mon Jan 08, 2018 5:15 pm

As of 22 January 2018 all of fares will jump a bit 1.5%, see the prices on the link.

https://translink.com.au/tickets-and-fa ... fares-2018
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Re: New 2018 Translink Fares on 22/1/2018.

Postby Roderick Smith » Tue Jan 09, 2018 2:44 pm


Brisbane public transport is about to get more expensive 8 January 2018.
Talking points:
•Changes to fares in south-east Queensland for all transport modes will be based on CPI.
•For most commuters, the increase will be between 5 and 12₵ per trip.
•The cost of a zone one adult Go Card journey will increase by 5₵ to $3.25.
It is about to get more expensive to catch buses, trains and ferries in Brisbane, with some commuters to pay up to 29₵ more per trip later this month.
From January 22, changes to south-east Queensland fares will be based on the Brisbane Consumer Price Index, with most commuters paying between 5₵ and 12₵ extra per trip.
Public transport fares in south-east Queensland will be linked to CPI. Photo: Alamy TransLink deputy director general Matthew Longland said the 1.5 per cent increase reflected the increased cost of providing transport services, such as driver and support staff wages, fuel and vehicle costs.
"Even with the modest CPI rise, fares in Queensland will still be cheaper than they were in 2014," Mr Longland said.
"The cost of a one-zone adult Go Card journey will increase by 5₵ to $3.25.
"The same trip was $3.35 back in November 2014."
A four-zone journey will increase by 12₵ to $7.97.
For commuters travelling between five and eight zones, the fare rise will be between 15₵ and 29₵.
However, Mr Longland said commuters would still be paying less than they were before TransLink introduced the redesigned Fairer Fares model in December, 2016.
"The cost of an adult zone two journey into the city during peak period will be $3.96, compared with $5.96 if Fairer Fares had not been implemented," he said.
"Despite these changes, fares in the south-east are still 42₵, or 13.5 per cent, lower on average per eligible adult trip than they were prior to the Palaszczuk government's introduction of Fairer Fares."
Mr Longland said south-east Queensland commuters had saved more than $66 million under the Fairer Fares package, which also included freezing fares until the end of 2017, referenced in the 2017-18 budget.
He said using CPI as a measurement for future fare adjustments was recommended in the 2016 Independent Fare Review Taskforce Report.
www.brisbanetimes.com.au/politics/queen ... 4yybj.html
* What I'd like to see going hand in hand with fare increases: An increase in services!
It is not befitting a city with nearly 2.5 million citizens to have a public transport system, where you can't catch public transport on a Sunday night after 11pm. We're encouraged to use public transport if we are going out in town and intend to have a few drinks but where's the point if we can't get back home? At least another hour or two of service would be a good idea, even if at a lower frequency.
TransLink, you REALLY need to improve this. If you provide a good service, people are more than happy to pay a fair fare.
* When one of our politicians gets on a peak hour bus in Brisbane and finds that it is less than half full it might occur to them that something's amiss and that increasing fares is not going to fix it. Travel times in Brisbane have increased noticeably since public transport fares started to increase rapidly, initially under Labor (if my memory is correct) but the LNP and Labor kept the increases going. The increases have outstripped the CPI and certainly outstripped wage rises (no thanks to the LNP on that score) but the correlation between increasing public transport fares and increasing road use appears to have been magically missed by the political class on both sides of the house.
* Just waiting for Ms Frecklington to point out how much of a huge impact this will have to the users of public transport and how it is all LABOR's fault and how the LNP would never have allowed political correctness to stifle saying g'day to visitors at the Commonwealth Games.
* I'm happy for my bus driver to get a pay rise. Not a job I'd want to do and most do a good job.
* Maybe they'll be able to afford to hire a few more train drivers!
* "The same trip was $3.35 back in November 2014." Translink is locked into the past.
* Remember those 'free fares' the 'drivers gave you' during the industrial action... coming back to bite you. Duh!
* yep - 5 cents at a time - my accountant is already ringing me to tell me to drive my car and pay the tolls instead because the LNP would rather me do that!
* Every other capital city in the world is prioritising public transport, yet good old Brisbane keeps enabling the car. New world city not.
* Yeah, no other city in the world increases fares ever... pfft.
What IS rich here is not that there is an increase but that we are being asked to absorb it while the rail network is completely cactus. For every dollar TransLink pays to QR to run the train system, TransLink only gets back around 16-17 cents from farebox revenue, so its not like deferring an increase until this mess is fixed would break the bank.
* Whilst Translink remains a division of TMR there is no incentive to “fix this mess”. TMR is all about the car!
* Cross River Rail looks to be TMR. <www.qld.gov.au/transport/projects/all-projects/cross-river-rail>.
* Get rid of the idiotic Newman bike scheme, what's that, $15 million a year in losses? Get rid of most of his idiotic ideas. I had a street sweeper come through my street, which absolutely doesn't need it, that Newman started, and the taxpayers are paying for. What does that cost?
* I thought that the CPI was dropping obviously not in Brisbane most States use the Federal CPI not inventing one off their own.
* CPI (All Groups) is calculated by the ABS for every capital city.
* I presume the Government forgets that pensioners are on a limited income so that 15 cents means less travels for those who can least afford it.
How about moving the off peak from 8.30ama too 8am, those off us who only have hourly bus services don't benefit from off peak until 9am because earlier buses run before this time and if we have to go anywhere for appointments to get there before 9am it means leaving in peak hour and paying fares accordingly.
As for the Translink App that is supposed to show us real time bus journeys has todl me twice i n the past week my bus was cancelled yet it wasn't. Maybe instead off raising bus fares they should make sure the technology is upgraded first.
* Translink APP is a joke. Everytime do an update, shortcut disappears from desktop of my phone. The software update they did back in November, no longer to view updates, to find disruptions and planned outages on the network. Click on journey planner, and get an error message unable to process and the Translink APP shuts down. Made multiple complaints online and over the phone, and no response from Translink.
* Price increases quoted in the story are for the ADULT FULL FARE. Pensioner fares are about half the cost and you still travel free after 2 paid trips in a day.
* My fare is still cheaper than it would have been under the LNP, which I imagine is the situation for the majority of public transport users.
* I look forward to seeing new fare Beenleigh to City. The "Fairer Fare" mentioned so often gave us a Zero reduction in fares.
* Depends on where you are going, local traveling was cheaper but I agree most often even with a Seniors GoCard fares weren't lower for those off us living outside Brisbane CBD and traveling further.
* Our 3 person family rents a house 1 suburb out from the CBD. It is cheaper for us to drive into the city and pay for parking then use public transport. Ludicrous.
* Ride 3 bikes and it will cost you nothing!
* I thought that the article was about the cost of public transport, which is what i would rather use in place of the car. I think pushbikes should be kept off main roads the same way tractors and 50cc scooters are kept off freeways. For the same reasons. Bike paths are great and i'll fully support any government that wants to spend money on them, but riding a push bike on todays main roads is lunacy.
* It won't be if everybody starts doing what you're doing. Parking capacity in the CBD isn't exactly expanding. In any event, if you have 3 people in your car, your car is more than twice as efficient as the average other car on the road, so the public transport system doesn't necessarily need your business - it needs to attract people who drive themselves and nobody else around.
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