Electric trial buses in Canberra.

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Electric trial buses in Canberra.

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A few pics of the trial electric buses.
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Re: Electric trial buses in Canberra.

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Awesome shots! Any idea if they'll continue to use these?

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Re: Electric trial buses in Canberra.

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cbrbusfiend wrote:Awesome shots! Any idea if they'll continue to use these?
710 and 712 are still in service, appearing most weekdays. A second BYD Toro (like 710) numbered 711 has been delivered and is expected to enter service soon. The trial will end in around August, and whether or not TC keep some/all of these buses, or order more of them, is not yet known. Given the recent move by the ACT Government to commit to a fully electric government vehicle fleet by 2021 (excluding heavy vehicles) I'd say an electric bus order isn't unlikely. A large bus order will be needed soon to fill Woden Depot when they eventually knock it down and rebuild (supposedly to be finished by mid next year) as well as replace the 90ish high floor buses still in service, which needs to be done by 2022.
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