ACTION Renault PR100.2's. 1/10/14

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Re: ACTION Renault PR100.2's. 1/10/14

Post by 1115 »

Nice photos.
Impressive performance by 963 to carry that livery since new. Remember seeing it at UTIP Sydney.

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Re: ACTION Renault PR100.2's. 1/10/14

Post by actually »

Great photos as usual inspector! It's a shame those bike racks can ruin the look of a good looking bus.
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Re: ACTION Renault PR100.2's. 1/10/14

Post by ajw373 »

Haven't been in Canberra since the new network started which saw the creation of the 343. So I find it interesting that the destination on the 343 depicted in this pic and also the artic in the another thread shows just "Fraser", when for years buses have shown "Fraser West" for the terminus where the 343 is headed and Fraser East for the 2nd Fraser terminus.

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