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2010 in Review-ACTION Buses Part 1

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2010 in Review-ACTION Buses Part 1

Postby Bus 400 » Fri Dec 31, 2010 9:29 pm

In 2010, I bought a nice new camera & Canberra welcomed steer tag Scania's & more standard MAN's. Canberra also lost a few good buses, with some of the Renault PR100.2's being retired & our first (possible) write off of a standard CNG Scania in Bus 351.

Enjoy a small selection of more then 675 transport photos in 2010.

This was my first photo of an ACTION Bus in 2010 with Bus 918 (Renault PR100.2 MkII) waiting at the Dickson Terminus back on the 21st January.

Next up is the best by chance photo of the year, as I pull up to my house here was Bus 382 (MAN 18.310 CNG) in the perfect positioning on a front lawn nearby. I happen to live in Kambah for location sakes.

During the cold month day of June 6, we have Bus 929 (Renault PR100.2 MkII) traveling along Menindee Drive in Barton on a 930.

Back on the 14th June, Bus 385 (MAN 18.310 CNG) was snapped in Deamer Crescent, Gilmore.

Once again in June (19th) Bus 906 (Renault PR100.2 MkII) is turning onto Ginnderra Drive, Dunlop.

Back on the 13th of August, Bus 365 (Scania L94UB CNG) pushed its way onto Alinga Street, City. Bus 365 was still sporting its damage from a run in with a kangaroo back in 2009.

On that same day in August, Bus 420 (MAN 18.320) is chased out of City West Bus Station by Bus 962 (Renault PR100.2 MkII) & 388 (MAN 18.310 CNG).

The next day we see Bus 416 (MAN 18.320) in the City Bus Station.

Back on the 26th of August, Bus 704 (Renault PR180.2 MkI) was spotted zooming down Carnegie Crescent in Narrabundah on School Run 899.

On Remembrance Day, Bus 990 was spotted from my favorite photography location in the City Bus Station.

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Re: 2010 in Review-ACTION Buses Part 1

Postby vernbale » Fri Dec 31, 2010 9:50 pm

Outstanding work, we are about to start a trial of those bike racks on our scania K230UB CB60's
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Re: 2010 in Review-ACTION Buses Part 1

Postby Tas Bus Nut » Mon Jan 10, 2011 7:27 pm

One thing I noticed with the buses fitted with bike racks. Where are the front number plates positioned :?: Also where is the damage on #365 (after it's run in with a roo) :?:
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Re: 2010 in Review-ACTION Buses Part 1

Postby Lemon » Mon Jan 10, 2011 8:16 pm

It's a dent in the side of the drivers cab, you can see it if you look had at the picture.

The number plates on out bike rack buses are not displayed, instead they are substituted by front fleet numbers.
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