Nostalgia:Roadhouses/Petrol Stations Of Australia.

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Nostalgia:Roadhouses/Petrol Stations Of Australia.

Post by Denv12 »

Just starting this topic in regards to old roadhouses like the Golden Fleece of years ago. I welcome anything like photos,magazine adverts,souvenirs,etc. What roadhouses do you remember? What were your favourite? What about the trucks that delivered fuel to those roadhouses. A nostalgic look back and ideas whats needed in the future.

For me,I remember having travelled from Adelaide to Sydney via Horsham,Bendigo,Shepparton,Benalla,etc with my family in an ex Melbourne TAA Leyland Tiger cub.We stopped at various roadhouses along the way.That was around 1971.We towed another TAA bus from Sydney to Adelaide via Sturt Hwy. We stopped on the Sturt highway one night for a meal.Watched Lewis Bros coach heading east (or was it Quest Tours?). Roadhouses were interesting.Petrol stations and the vehicles of the time.

Your turn.

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Re: Nostalgia:Roadhouses/Petrol Stations Of Australia.

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One of the roadhouses that I have noticed go backwards is the Three Ways.
I would not say it went backwards fast as my visits over the last 30 years have been drawn out.
What I would compare to a thriving 24 hour a day town has turned into a quiet roadhouse with half empty shelves, at times poor customer service and has an opening and closing time.

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