Remembering The Kassbohrer Setra S228 DT Double Deck Coach.

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Remembering The Kassbohrer Setra S228 DT Double Deck Coach.

Post by Denv12 »

The "Austral" coach on display at the Bus and Coach show.
The "Austral" coach on display at the Bus and Coach show.
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I thought it would make for an interesting topic,the Kassbohrer Setra S228 DT double deck coach.The one that Austral were going to build under licence here. This topic is a look back at these coaches.

Did you work in a bus company who owned any? Did you work at Austral at the time? What do you remember about these coaches?
Did you drive them? What were they like? How do they compare against the other Double Deck coaches of Austral,Denning and Volgren? Some of these coaches had engine swaps too. Some are in service with other bus companies whilst others were converted to motorhomes.

I was working at Deluxe Coachlines Adelaide depot,(Pope St,Beverly-one of the sheds of old Adelaide Denning factory).
On the afternoon shift one cleaner had to drive the company ute to Franklin Street and clean the windscreens and mirrors then go inside the coach and clean the windscreens and them clean the toilet.

The Ansett Pioneer Kassbohrer Setra's also appear in the Railmac publication "Ansett Pioneer".By the Late Robert Birrell.

This topic is open for anyone to contribute to. Anything you can add related to this coach please do.Photos,documents,links and any other information.
Ansett Pioneer's Setra leaving their depot.
Ansett Pioneer's Setra leaving their depot.
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Re: Kassbohrer Setra S228 DT Double Deck Coach.

Post by OLYMPIAN »

Very hard to find one to photograph these dsys
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Re: Kassbohrer Setra S228 DT Double Deck Coach.

Post by Bedford-29 »

Most Setras have been turned into motor homes but I find a picture of the ex Demo Setra in the picture posted that is up for at Myalup WA.Picture from . Link to ad. ... ISccNycKIA
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Re: Kassbohrer Setra S228 DT Double Deck Coach.

Post by busrider »

Pretty sure I saw that motorhome in Port Hedland (WA) about 5 years ago, didn't realise its significance at the time...

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Re: Kassbohrer Setra S228 DT Double Deck Coach:some history.

Post by trailersmmelbourne »

Hi viewers!
• 1907 sees the introduction of the first dual-purpose vehicle, designed to transport either beer barrels or excursion passengers
• 1911: two Kässbohrer buses for the German city of Ulm's first bus service
• Setra: a construction method becomes a brand name
• The Setra brand, with its rural regular-service buses and premium touring coaches, is today one of the mainstays of EvoBus
Stuttgart/Ulm – the foundation of EvoBus GmbH on 23 February 1995 by the then Mercedes-Benz AG, Stuttgart, and the company Karl Kässbohrer Fahrzeugwerke GmbH, Ulm, brought to an end the 102-year history of the long-established Kässbohrer company. The creation of EvoBus, however, provided the solid basis that would allow the continuing existence of the product name Setra, devised by Otto Kässbohrer in 1951 and now one of the most prestigious European bus and coach brands in Europe.

EvoBus GmbH, the European entity within the international business unit Daimler Buses, was firmly committed to pursuing a two-brand strategy right from the start. Part of this strategy involved leveraging as far as possible the strengths and customer loyalty traditionally associated with the Mercedes-Benz and Setra brands, whilst also continuing to build on them.

Today, Mercedes-Benz Buses offers a unique full-line range of bus chassis and complete vehicles, including everything from a minibus to an articulated bus. The Setra brand offers a range of sophisticated and comfortable vehicles encompassing 23 different models of rural regular-service buses and touring coaches. The ten years between 1995 and 2005 saw the introduction of a total of 60 new products by Mercedes-Benz and Setra, evidence both of the company's entrepreneurial strength and of advances in the field of emissions technology and vehicle safety. No other cooperation agreement in the history of the European bus and coach industry has brought success that is at all comparable, with so many benefits for both customers and employees.

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Re: Remembering The Kassbohrer Setra S228 DT Double Deck Coa

Post by bfh42 »

I have a Setra S228 DT that I am converting to a mobile home. It has the original Mercedes OM422T2 V8 engine and I am desperately looking for a copy of the service manual. Does anyone have one? It has a Eaton gearbox which is very strange.
I am also looking for any information on the air suspension system and the braking system especially to do with the ABS; can anyone help?

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Re: Remembering The Kassbohrer Setra S228 DT Double Deck Coa

Post by boronia »

Member Guy Arab has a copy, I believe. His details are in the other thread you posted in.
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Re: Remembering The Kassbohrer Setra S228 DT Double Deck Coa

Post by bjg154 »

Hi bfh42

Can you tell us the VIN of your coach so we can trace its history?

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