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Briscoes-CMV-PMC Volvo Articulated Coach.

PostPosted: Fri Sep 29, 2017 5:48 pm
by Denv12
One of the most interesting coaches that was built in Australia was the Volvo artic coach built by PMC Adelaide in early 1980s. The coach was featured in the "Truck & Bus" magazine at the time. I think it was a combined effort by CMV,PMC and Briscoes.I remember the coach.Its a bit sad that the idea never became popular. Does anyone have a copy of the
"Truck & Bus" magazine that featured the article and could scan it and add it here? Does anyone have photos of it?
I remember working at Briscoes. In the hallway near the offices there was a PMC design for a 5 axle(yes,5 axle)Apollo coach.Yet another idea.It had 3 rear axles and 2 front axles.Maybe that was one of the ideas around the time of the artic coach. Did anyone work at PMC at the time the artic coach was built? The coach deserves to be recognised and to have history of its own here. All contributions to this topic are welcome.Thanks.