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Adelaide Bus History C MCMANUS SUPPLIED IMAGES Part 62

PostPosted: Fri Sep 22, 2017 9:38 pm
by leyland4ever
216a Garford SAR62  Brockway  Glenelg Co  MTT299.jpg
216a Garford SAR62 Brockway Glenelg Co (MTT 299)
216  Trams C174 189  Garford SAR62  Brockway  Glenelg Co (MTT 299).jpg
216 Trams 174,189 Garford SAR 62 Brockway Glenelg Co (MTT 299)

The appearance of the two C type trams in photo 216 gives us an opportunity to make mention of an aspect of the "MTT-private" war which was waged in this era.

Private buses competed with MTT trams - the buses at that stage being unregulated. As one means of countering this, the MTT used the C type trams as unscheduled extra cars on the routes so affected, with the instructions to beat the private buses to the passengers!

The C type were faster than other trams, and, although only single truck, were built after the D and E type bogie trams.

They got the nickname "Desert Gold" after a well-known race horse of the era.

An interesting curiosity is that "Desert Gold" (the race horse) has been referred to several times recently in the Adelaide Advertiser's racing pages.

A current horse (Winx?) has been breaking records for the most consecutive races won, and, in the process has broken some records held by Desert Gold (it must be nearly 100 years ago!) - it apparently won nineteen on the trot.

Rather interesting to see its name in a current newspaper, after hearing of its name in connection with trams for many years!