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Adelaide tram & trolleybus wires in 1958

PostPosted: Mon Nov 30, 2015 11:24 am
by Roderick Smith
580129W Rundle St, Adelaide (SA): Trolleybus wires. (Neil Smith, Roderick Smith collection).
The tram system was down to seven routes. The family rode to Glenelg, and not the doomed others. The trolleybus system survived until 1963. We did ride on a double-deck one as a special treat. My father didn't photograph any tram or trolleybus, but several photos show wires and/or tracks. This is looking east from King William St to Gawler Place. Savoy Theatrette was at 43 Rundle St. This site has been redeveloped. Savoy Hotel was delicensed in 1966, but the buildind survives. Have any of the other buildings survived with/without repurposing?