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Buses and Trams mostly around Adelaide

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Buses and Trams mostly around Adelaide

Postby Belldandy » Tue Jan 17, 2012 8:27 pm

From a recent trip.

DSC_0682_small_c.jpeg (253.78 KiB) Viewed 1058 times

DSC_0688_small.jpeg (242.09 KiB) Viewed 1058 times

DSC_0690_small.jpeg (181.57 KiB) Viewed 1058 times

DSC_0694_small.jpeg (191.21 KiB) Viewed 1058 times

DSC_0703_small.jpeg (201.18 KiB) Viewed 1058 times

DSC_0715_small.jpeg (192.65 KiB) Viewed 1058 times

Whizzing past on the O-Bahn
DSC_0783_small.jpeg (245.04 KiB) Viewed 1058 times

Happy Easter in January at Glenelg
DSC_0792_small.jpeg (179.21 KiB) Viewed 1058 times

Tram at Glenelg
DSC_0801_small.jpeg (198.44 KiB) Viewed 1058 times

Pity I didn't get too see the trolley buses, but the tram rides were great.
DSC_0633_small.jpeg (183.74 KiB) Viewed 1058 times
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Buses and Trams mostly around Adelaide

Postby Crispy! » Wed Jan 18, 2012 10:41 pm

Great shots Belldandy like the shot of the "H" Type 360.
Nathan C

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Re: Buses and Trams mostly around Adelaide

Postby vernbale » Thu Jan 19, 2012 9:33 am

We have Scania K320UA's in hobart but with Custom CB60 bodies, The CB80 looks way better :
Nice shots BTW
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Re: Buses and Trams mostly around Adelaide

Postby Douglas » Sat Apr 07, 2012 1:16 am

Great shots... But the question remains, what in heck is a Schutzenfest and why does the bus care about it? O_o
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Re: Buses and Trams mostly around Adelaide

Postby busrider » Sat Apr 07, 2012 1:23 am

Schutzenfest is an event which people attend to get schitzen-faced... Google it.
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Re: Buses and Trams mostly around Adelaide

Postby jonwendes » Sat Apr 07, 2012 7:35 am

busrider wrote:Schutzenfest is an event which people attend to get schitzen-faced... Google it.

Schitzen-faced! ROFLMAO!!!!!
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