Glenelg Tourist Tram - final day 11/04/10

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Eagle Eye
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Glenelg Tourist Tram - final day 11/04/10

Post by Eagle Eye »

Here are various shots I took on the last day of the Glenelg Tourist Tram, Sunday 11 April 2010. Probably the last time we will see a H-class doing passenger runs on the Glenelg line again.

Arriving for the morning:
Taken from a 1st storey window of the Glenelg Town Hall:
Always a great sight to see a H-class tram from the Glenelg Jetty:
The first and last time I saw her with doors open on both sides:
I had to change the desto from 'Special' to something more meaningful:
Off to an uncertain future, the sky says it all:
Will this be the last sticker she gets?

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Re: Glenelg Tourist Tram - final day 11/04/10

Post by howlerbus »

Thanks for posting photos Eagle Eye, they are great!
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The Inspector
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Re: Glenelg Tourist Tram - final day 11/04/10

Post by The Inspector »

Maybe the council & TA should get together and place a H type tram shell on a plynth across from the terminal for people to admire, this has been done in places overseas before so why cant it be done here?
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Re: Glenelg Tourist Tram - final day 11/04/10

Post by ALBION1881 »

Yes will be sad to see the H class go after 81 years service I am lucky that I ridden on the H class years before they swapped there trolley poles for pantographs and before they were heavily rebuilt and when the trams used the old city depot long before Glengowie depot was built it is not bad for a tram line that was converted from a 5ft/6 railway line .

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Re: Glenelg Tourist Tram - final day 11/04/10

Post by Crispy! »

Greats Shots Eagle Eye :-D i will surely miss the H's when they go :-(

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Re: Glenelg Tourist Tram - final day 11/04/10

Post by baytram366 »

Excellent shots. I miss the H types already. So glad we have a huge fleet of them at St Kilda though :P
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